Why Choose The 100TB API?

23rd October, 2018 by

At 100TB, one of our secret weapons for helping our clients find success is our API, or Application Programming Interface. It helps cut down your time to market, while also increasing your efficiency and operational agility. Our API is a major element in making sure that developers get exactly what they expect from our tools and services. Take a look at the 100TB API and exactly what it can offer you.

What is an API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a tool used when building a software application. A good API makes programming easier through a set of routines and protocols that help components understand how to interact with one another. These building blocks are able to reduce time to market – as stated above – by increasing efficiency and productivity.

APIs are used to work beyond typical server limitations to include third-party services and applications. By utilizing tools like Google Maps or Twitter, for example, an API can allow for automation, planning, control and scheduling not typically available to programmers. Businesses typically take advantage of an API to increase productivity, agility, and mobility when creating new applications and services.


Application Programming Interface

While the 100TB functions exactly as you would expect, there are some additional elements that we are particularly proud of. Our API allows for more control from a user perspective, a surprising element to many of our new clients. This extra control within our API is due to 100TB data centers.

Our data centers focus on the usability of our API, and all of our services work around best-use scenarios to support our interface. Backup servers, disaster recovery, and networked and software-based services are all in an effort to support our API rather than adding our API as an afterthought. Each core infrastructure service and product is accessible through our API.

Interested? Learn more.

If our excitement about the capability and advantage created by our API has piqued your interest, there are a few ways you can learn more about our services. Visit 100TB.com to see a full list of our tools and services, such as Bare Metal Servers and Virtual Servers. You can also see exactly how we can help you increase productivity, no matter what the industry. From Big Data to Gaming, our specialized solutions can help you design the perfect platform to meet your requirements.

We have only scratched the surface of the automation and operation of our API here, but for a more detailed account of exactly what we offer, take a look at our whitepaper dedicated to our Application Programming Interface. Feel free to contact our sales team today to learn exactly how we can help your business find success while also saving you time and money.

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