Utilizing AI For Your Business

26th July, 2019 by

The term Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is still widely misunderstood. To many people, it conjures up thoughts of sci-fi inspired visions of the future. It’s a term still wedded to ideas of cyborgs or humanoid robots, in a world that people feel is unlikely they will ever see.

Of course, that kind of thinking is woefully outdated. AI is already here and in a big way. It’s a part of everyday life, playing a key role in areas as mundane as your phone, your computer, and even your car. And this proliferation hasn’t escaped the notice of the business world, with companies of all sizes and across all niches starting to leverage AI to solve real-world problems…


Intelligent thinking for problem-solving

According to a PwC report from 2017, AI could contribute as much as $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. The reason that this figure is so high is thanks to the breadth of possible applications available. AI-powered solutions are already being used in diverse industries like finance, manufacturing, and health care. They’re also being applied to different departments within a particular business. A forward-thinking firm might use AI for logistics, customer service, marketing, and many more use cases for efficiency and additional insight.


Potential applications of Artificial Intelligence for your business include:

Improving customer service. 

Implementing virtual assistant or chatbot programs can provide real-time support to customers online.

Optimizing logistics. 

AI-powered image recognition can monitor and improve infrastructure, taking care of inventory and delivery management.

Mapping behavior. 

Machine learning algorithms are now able to analyze consumer behavior. The resulting data may be used to tailor product offers, detect credit card fraud, or target advertising more effectively.

Efficient manufacturing. 

AI-powered robots help to boost production line efficiency or to completely automate it. This potentially makes a huge difference to productivity, especially in labor-intensive or mundane manufacturing processes.


Implementing AI for your business

The AI revolution is just getting started, and the impact of this technology is only going to expand over the coming months and years. It’s time to start thinking about getting your business ready, keeping a few important things in mind when considering using AI for your business:


Pain points

First, think about the pain points that AI could help address. What problems with your business processes could AI potentially solve, and which business needs might AI be best suited to satisfying? With so many possibilities, identifying the right option is crucial. That might involve opening up the field of predictive analytics, or the automation of day-to-day processes. The optimal applications of AI tend to vary from one business to the next.


Sensible implementation

AI-powered solutions have almost limitless potential, but all new technology comes with inherent risks. This means that companies need to embrace a well-planned and sensible implementation strategy. Roll out these solutions slowly to swiftly identify and evaluate any issues which may occur. You can then understand the risk factors involved, which will help you move toward the most-efficient AI solution possible.


Wider infrastructure

Utilizing AI for your business isn’t only about the technology itself. For a chosen solution to be as impactful as possible, you also need an infrastructure to support it. That means bringing the right people on board and encouraging the right culture. You need talent within your workforce capable of helping to implement AI, and staff who are able and willing to approach new technology with the right attitude. That way, any new technology you invest in has the best chance of succeeding and delivering a justifiable return on investment. Learn more about building a platform with the power, speed, and redundancy necessary to support your AI efforts at 100TB.com, or by contacting our expert sales team today.