Tips For Making Your Business Data Work For You

9th August, 2019 by

Over recent years it has often been said that data is the new currency. It never wears out or goes bad, and it is infinitely malleable as long as there is a use for what is created. However, an excess of data creates storage and computing issues if not handled appropriately and efficiently. Take a look at how 100TB helps organizations unlock the secrets within their business data to create added value. 


Digital Darwinism

Digital technology changes so quickly that the phrase ‘adapt or die’ is now taken at warp speed. From AI to big data and social media to mobile devices, the way we communicate with one another is becoming increasingly complicated. Technology is no longer just part of our life, but instead leads the charge on our day-to-day activities. 

Modern companies are supercharged in the fast lane to be sure that their data practices are not leading to extinction. Tools, software, and platforms keep businesses dialed in to ensure their ability to adapt. However, there are a few aspects of data handling that many organizations need to pay special attention to. For example, businesses may understand that their data holds immense value, but lack the ability to refine, sort, or optimize it. Many companies are lacking the computing power to process large quantities of data into usable information and analytics. 


High-Performance Computing

Deploying new technologies may not be in the forefront of your budget, but they could be a necessary investment in order to make use of the data needed to complete digital transformation. Below are a few tools that can help you streamline your data efforts:



Put parallel processing to work for your data. With up to ten times the computing power, a GPU server can cut processing times and boost productivity in ways that you haven’t considered. Learn more about transforming your computational power here.  


Dedicated Server

If your data storage bill seems to be growing each month, you may be overpaying for cloud computing. The answer lies in leasing a dedicated server. With dedicated resources and full control over your hosting abilities, you won’t be disappointed with the results. Learn more about employing a bare metal server here


Backup Protection

Be prepared for anything that comes your way with backup protection. Whether you want daily or monthly snapshots of your systems, protecting your data is an absolute must. Learn more about backup protection services here



While not typically thought of as the first step towards data processing, cPanel offers a wide variety of data management services you may not have considered. From backups to database control, the world’s leading control panel is an inexpensive way to make your data work for you. Learn more about harnessing the flexibility and power of cPanel here


End Results

In the end, only you will know if you have succeeded in making your data work for you. If your output can be translated into meaningful data that provides additional insight to help you achieve your goals, then you can consider your efforts worthwhile. Unfortunately, there is no template or five-step plan to follow, however, our solutions experts would love to help you devise a plan to fit your digital transformation efforts. To learn more about making the most of your captured data, contact our expert Sales team today at