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The Pursuit of Zero Latency

Published May 24, 2017 by 100TB Team


What is latency? Simply put, latency is the lag between the request from your device and the content you're trying to access. When browsing the internet, this is an annoyance. When accessing high quality multimedia content, or live video, this can ruin the experience.

In gaming, that small but perceptible lag between a command being issued and then executed can make the difference between a game being compulsive or unplayable. When watching sports online, that lag can mean the different between seeing a point or reading about in on your Twitter feed.

This infographic lays out what latency is, why it happens, and the steps that technology providers are taking to reduce latency.


The Pursuit of Zero Latency.jpg


Discover our step-by-step process to reduce latency and improve streaming quality

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