Should You Choose A Virtual Or Bare Metal Server?

24th July, 2019 by

Not every hosting solution is the right fit for every hosting problem. Instead, there is a host of options to suit every infrastructure requirement. However, which is best for your hosting needs is not always obvious, which is exactly why today we will be looking at the pros and cons of both Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Bare Metal servers to discover which is the best solution for you. 


Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are unique because they are affordable and scalable, meaning that they are well suited for small businesses on the rise or data that will continue to accumulate. VPSs are more secure than shared hosting, but they don’t require the upfront knowledge and investment needed for a bare metal server. 100TB offers a wide range of high-performance VPS solutions to tailor-fit your use case and budget. You can learn more about VPS packages and specifications here, or you can read through the benefits of a VPS below: 


Quick provisioning

VPS solutions can be automatically scaled and provisioned through our API to meet peak traffic timeframes.  



Industry-leading Cisco hardware yields the best VPS performance, while Noction intelligent routing cuts latency and boost connectivity.



100TB offers always-on connectivity and redundancy. Our world-class data centers are designed to meet stringent compliances and unbeatable reliability.


Bare Metal Servers

Bare metal servers are the go-to preference for clients who need power, performance, resources, and reliability. They can act as a stand-alone hosting solution, or they can be coupled with thousands of others to meet your web hosting requirements. 100TB’s lightning-fast network coupled with 10Gbps connectivity delivers your data with record-breaking low-latency around the globe. If you are looking for true isolation from other users, bare metal capabilities will ensure your complete and total data privacy, while our rapid orchestration and API provides precise control over resources. Learn more about bare metal servers here or see additional benefits below: 



The 100TB API help you manage and automate your bare metal hosting solution to custom-fit your requirements. 



Our 28+ data centers are located all around the globe to put your data exactly where it needs to be. 



Our partnerships with industry-leading peering and transit providers help you get connected and stay connected. 



Our data centers are hand-selected based on location and security to keep your data safe and as close as possible to major internet hubs. 


Why choose

Over the last 21+ years, 100TB has been an industry-leading company, and we are armed and ready to provide the ultimate in web hosting, security, speed, reliability, and technical competitiveness. Our goal is to empower you with the innovative infrastructure products and services to enable you to fulfill your ambitions without constraint. 

At our core, we are available around the clock to help you solve problems and aim for success. All in all, our international team is united by a drive to strive towards excellence in our commitment to you and your business potential. Learn more today at