Big data and privacy seem to be at odds. Providing data to companies creates modern day conveniences, but it also allows businesses to see too much into our everyday consumer lives.

When running a web server your log files can rapidly fill with information about the visitors to your site: Webalizer can help.

Discover more within your website and how it is being used by installing AWStats on your Linux system.

One of the more important aspects of running a website is knowing how your visitors are using your website.  This is where website analytics come in. These can help you discover which pages are most popular, which don’t work, which search terms are bringing users to your site and how long they are staying. While many shared hosting providers will supplement some form of analytics software with your hosting package, when you run your own dedicated server or virtual private server you’ll need to pick your own solution. There are a number of options available that can provide different interfaces and statistics. It’s well worth spending the time to experiment with a few to see which you like the most. In this article we will be covering installing the AWStats analytics tool.

Explore the evolution of video game streaming from to YouTube gaming to the flurry of start-ups that are now entering this space.

According to the GEM Global Report 2015, around 100 million businesses are launched annually. That’s quite a lot of entrepreneurial spirit. It’s also great news for anyone who fancies exploring their next big idea or who enjoy the fruit of other people’s brilliant labor. Video game showcasting is also getting a taste of global success. From to YouTube Gaming, plus a flurry of start-ups which are making this their focus, video game broadcasting has become big business.

Here’s a round up of the latest Science & Technology news ranging from Physics to AI, from Space travel to Mathematics and of course the coolest gadgets around. 

Iron Man As You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Columbia University has created the most practical robot of all time: a domestic dream come true. Meet ‘Iron Man’ the robot who will do your ironing for you. The research team led by Li published a paper on “Multi-Sensor Surface Analysis for Robotic Ironing” (PDF). The challenge itself was for the robot to systematically flatten an uneven surface automatically. The robot had to be able to repeat the flattening process on different parts of the cloth until it was truly ironed.