Probably one of the most common tasks you’ll perform on your dedicated server or VPS is listing the files or folders in a directory. This is done with the ls command.

It was all so simple in the 1970s. Your television sat in the corner of the living room, with content broadcast at times chosen by the owners of each channel. Huge audience figures were generated by the desire to see programs that were rarely repeated, and few people had video recorders to watch broadcasts at their own convenience. Also, the limited number of broadcasters meant original content was thin on the ground.

Organizations attempting digital transformation typically want to become more efficient, more productive, more agile and less bureaucratic. This generally involves introducing an array of new, online, digital services in a timely and efficient manner while also ensuring they are affordable, effective, reliable, secure, compliant, easy-to-use, meet your business objectives and are willingly taken up by those they’re aimed at. To get that right consistently requires some kind of process, particularly in larger organizations.


Informative Monday mornings with 100TB’s Technology News Roundup: D-Wave, 1QBit Launch Quantum for Quants; Facebook Launches Open/R Routing Platform; SourceClear Releases Free Code Security Tool; Journal of Open Source Software Aims at Research Projects; Basho Announces Its Riak TS Database.

This week 100TB brings you the highlights from the world of science and technology: the Kepler Space Telescope and a new false positive probabilistic analysis confirms the discovery of 1,284 new planets.

Human resource departments and business recruitment agencies are well versed in the use of social media tools such as LinkedIn to identify and contact suitable employees based on text pasted into personal profiles. But once they have a candidate in their sights, how do they go about conducting further assessments without actually, or prior to, calling them in for an interview?

How many times have you heard that big data analytics is set to revolutionize the world? If you read IT blogs, the technology press or attend industry expos and conferences, chances are the answer is countless times.

In previous hosting 101 articles we’ve covered what the LAMP stack is, and step by step configuring a web hosting server using it.