While the MySQL database system is typically used in a LAMP stack for web hosting environments, there are a number of database systems that you could use instead.

 Mobile apps like Periscope and Meerkat provide businesses with a quick and easy way to improve their customer engagement by streaming targeted live video feeds to whatever device they happen to be using at the time. We highlight ten of the best-use cases:

Informative Monday mornings with 100TB’s Technology News Roundup: A toolbox in the form of an app; a supercomputer Urika!; Three trials ad-blocking; Citrix serves a Raspberry Pi; Google found not guilty.

This week 100TB brings you the highlights from the world of science and technology: is dark matter a black hole in disguise?; the tsunami algorithm that will eventually save lives; can artificial intelligence be an artist?

There are organizations who have a social media strategy, and then there are organizations who have built social media into their strategy. These startups have taken a long hard look under the hood of the social scene and come up with inventive and exciting ideas on how to harness it, use it and even disrupt it completely.

IT industry analysts are typically gung-ho about the potential of the Internet of Things to transform business and society, with lofty predictions of exponential growth.

The majority of the tasks that you will find yourself performing on a computer will usually involve files. Whether it be creating, moving, copying, editing or deleting files, ultimately files will be involved somewhere.  

Not so much the nerd in the corner as the ace in the hole, a bona fide games developer can bring a wealth of talent, experience and agility to any software development environment. We list eight ways they can enhance any business involved in software creation and distribution: