It may be hard for younger IT professionals to believe, but computers were once incapable of rendering 3D graphics. Even if their rudimentary processors and minimal quantities of RAM had been able to process these complex visual commands, the monochrome CRT displays of early PCs and monitors were effectively unsuitable for 3D displays.

Agriculture, beautiful vistas, a stunning skyline, the English Bay and the powerful infrastructure, network and redundancy of 100TB are some of the perks of our newest Virtual Server location in Vancouver, Canada.

In previous articles, we’ve been looking at configuring the BIND name server on your Linux server for managing your DNS. At this point, we have a single authoritative server handling all the DNS for the domain “”. The general advice is to have more than one nameserver for each domain, and that each nameserver should be on different networks for redundancy purposes.

The Podfather

Podcasting may seem like an exotic and impenetrable industry, but it represents one of the internet’s truly democratic media streaming platforms. Anyone can become a podcaster, since there is no technical proficiency required and no requirement for industry knowledge; it really as simple as talking. Anyone can perform, and anyone can listen.

In our previous Hosting 101 article, we looked at zone files for BIND and how the information is recorded within them. If you missed this article, we recommend going back and reading over it before continuing as we are about to jump straight back in where we left off.

Informative Monday mornings with 100TB’s Technology News Roundup: House of Commons passes investigatory powers bill; HTC announces Vive business edition VR bundle; IBM joins the R Consortium; Microsoft announces Apache Spark push; Blizzard and Facebook join for gaming push.

This week 100TB brings you the highlights from the world of black holes and their ever pervading mystery. Did you know that black holes have soft, shiny hair and have a slight eating disorder? Stephen Hawking and the Atacama Alma telescope shed some light onto the goings-on.

Startups fail. Many fail from poor planning, some from bad luck, and others still because markets and conditions have changed. What makes a startup become a success?