This week 100TB brings you a special science & technology taster menu. Let’s start with the amuse bouche and end with a messy dessert…

So, you have ideas burning a hole your mind and you’re now thinking of starting a business. You’re about to revolutionize your industry vertical and disrupt the old and traditional with something new.

Welcome to the second part of our look through the various file management commands for the Linux command line. In the previous article, we looked over changing our working directory, listing the contents of a directory and copying files or directories to somewhere else. In this part we’ll look over a few other commands.

It’s pretty safe to say that Blizzard’s Overwatch is this year’s biggest new online game so far. In just one month it’s accrued over 10 million players and has achieved the unthinkable – beating League of Legends as the most played game in South Korean PC gaming cafes. Now widely regarded as a serious eSports contender, it’s likely to become even more popular with the launch of its Competitive Play mode this week. Battering rivals like Paragon or Battleborn into submission, Overwatch is the new 180lb gorilla of the online gaming scene.

For any online business, the cloud infrastructure that facilitates your service is of vital importance. The network that serves your content and the speed at which it can do this must be resilient and reliable; most networks are not designed to handle the huge volumes of streaming data required to serve your video content.

Working with files and directories can mean lots of time spent using the Linux command line. In this article we’ll have a look over a number of the commonly used commands for working with files and directories.

Informative Monday mornings with 100TB’s Technology News Roundup: British eSports Gets First Governing Body; RedHat, Microsoft, Codenvy Announce the Language Server Protocol; Amazon Launches Elastic File System; VersionEye Goes Open Source; CCTVs Cracked for DDoS Botnet.

This week 100TB says it’s all about the computers! From quantum calculations to photosynthesis mimicking, PC versus supercomputer.