Retailers have long played music in their stores in a bid to tempt more customers into their premises, relax them into spending more money and even motivate shop staff. Pubs, restaurants, hair salons and hotels frequently employ similar tactics, while spa facilities often pipe mellow, relaxing vibes into massage rooms, and gyms push adrenalin-pumping power beats over super-size speakers.

In previous articles we’ve touched on the importance of log files and logging in general. There are a few situations where log files may actually be unhelpful. The first of these may be when you lose contact with a server. Being unable to access the logs and without knowing the cause, both you and the support team you may be contacting will be blind as to the problem with the server.

Informative Monday mornings with 100TB’s Technology News Roundup: Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn; NATO Declares Cyberspace a Frontier for War; Apple Introduces “Differential Privacy” to iOS 10; Cisco Launches Cybersecurity Scholarship; Let’s Encrypt Hit by Email Leak.

If businesses fail to make significant progress on digital transformation in the next two years, they could fall so far behind the innovators in their markets that they may never catch up.

This week, 100TB brings you the highlights from the world of outer space and cognitive intelligence: a fleet of robots will examine our universe; P branes are back; A new AI Dr Watson is making clinical breakthroughs.

The Lean Mean Startup Trend Machine

In 2011, Eric Ries authored the New York Times bestseller – The Lean Startup (How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation To Create Radically Successful Business) – which both set and tapped into the growing lean startup trend.


Ever since the Luddites protested against the mechanization of textile industry in the early 19th century, people have feared that technology will dehumanize the workplace. And in some ways, of course, it has.

One of the more important aspects of selecting a server is the provision of storage for the operating system and any data required for your usage. Now, while the amount of storage space you will require is relatively easy to figure out based on what your intended purpose for the server is, there are wider things to consider. For example, there’s the type of storage to use, as well as any extras such as RAID to think about.