Many people may be unfamiliar with the term eSports. Not to be confused with eGaming (online gambling and betting), eSports is a burgeoning industry where computer games are played competitively for money. eSports involves serious money as well – the industry is presently valued at $450 million, which is impressive considering it’s effectively nothing more than tribes of young (mostly) men wrestling games controllers and assaulting PC keyboards.

Unless you are in the position of having an unlimited bandwidth package on your dedicated server or VPS, chances are that at some point you are going to need to know its specific bandwidth usage.

Choosing the right media server is an important responsibility. From repurposed desktop computers in domestic environments to dedicated commercial devices hosting media files for major web sites, these digital platforms play a crucial role in storing and distributing files from sources as diverse as CD-ROMs, cameras and commercial hard drives.

A large chunk of Linux system administration involves reading, comparing, searching and managing text files. In fact, almost everything Linux does involves a text file somewhere, be it for configuration, logging or storing data.

Informative Monday mornings with 100TB’s Technology News Roundup: IBM Launches Quantum Processor; Intel Cancels Mobile Processor Products; Social Media Likes worth Passwords; Linux Foundation Launches Security Badge Program; Learn the Basics of Authentication Via OAuth2: OZorkAuth.


The fiercely competitive automotive industry has long been at the forefront of technology innovation. The past decade alone has (among other developments) seen the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles and self-parking cars, as well as increasingly sophisticated in-car digital services as standard such as sat-navs that connect to the cloud (via your smartphone or an in-car data SIM) and download the latest traffic information so they can route you around any trouble spots in real time.

This week 100TB brings you the highlights from the world of science and technology: gravitational lensing hints at the discovery of dark matter galaxies; SpaceX gets a superhero spacesuit; NASA celebrates Star Wars Day.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Global Report 2015 revealed the astonishing statistic that 100 million startups are launched annually. There is even a giddy infographic published on City AM by Shopgasoline which shows how many startups are launched each second across location, gender and investment.