100TB brings you the latest from the world of technology: SoftBank to Acquire UK Tech Giant ARM; Stack Overflow Branches into Documentation; Google Slashes Data Center Costs with AI; Microsoft Launches Video Streaming Platform; Opera Software Sells Browser Tech.

This week 100TB has a special little engineering treat for all you Star Wars fans. And that’s not all: DeepMind AI learns how to run the household whilst Pokémon really is on the Go.

You may think your startup doesn’t need a social media strategy, that a few random posts here and there are enough. You may even believe that having no time to spend on social is a valid reason for ignoring it completely. You would be wrong. On every count.

For those who haven’t been following this series and have started at part 3, in the first part of this series we looked at what database replication is and why it could be useful, as well as starting the configuration of our MySQL master server. In part 2, we prepared our master server for replication and backed up the databases we wished to replicate. Today we’ll be configuring the slave server to replicate the databases from the master.

When looked at through the lens of statistics, eSports are huge, maybe even more in line with words like gigantic, epic and insane.

In our previous article, we looked at what master-slave replication and master-master replication are and how they can be used to scale your database usage as your website popularity grows. We then began configuring a MySQL server to act as a master in a replication group.

There are no ifs or buts: regardless of their device choice, great performance is a given, an absolute expectation from gamers.  The gaming market globally reached almost $92 billion in 2015, and the audience is very hungry, very hungry indeed. There certainly doesn’t seem to be a slowdown in demand and so the pressure on platform hosts is vast.

100TB brings you the latest from the world of technology: Microsoft Releases Minecraft-Powered AI Tool; Cybercrime Tops Traditional Crime in ONS Estimates; Google Seeks UK Startups for Campus Exchange; MIT Announces Riffle Anonymous Network Technology; Twitter Launches Gnip Audience API.