In a previous Hosting 101 article, we looked at how to configure the BIND name server on your Linux based server. Getting the server installed and running was only the first step. In this article, we will be looking at how to set up zone files for use with BIND when managing your own domains.


From pay phone to mobile phone, from video game to mobile game, the past few years have been nothing short of staggering when it comes to technology innovation and invention.

After setting up a LAMP stack – either with the standard components or alternative replacements – one of the next requirements in a hosting environment is some form of DNS server.

Data center hardware optimized to accommodate streaming media applications is a niche area of the server market. But growing demand for business to business (B2B) video production and broadcasting is prompting some vendors to package solutions directly at companies looking to create, manage and stream their own content.


One of the nicer features of the Linux command line is the ability to move processes between the foreground and the background. It’s a common misunderstanding for new users to the command line that once they run a command that they can only carry out a single command at a time unless they use some form of multiplexer such as screen.

Informative Monday mornings with 100TB’s Technology News Roundup: Microsoft Announces Blockchain ID Initiative; CoreOS Torus Aims to Simplify Distributed Storage; EU Sets 2020 Goal for Research Open Access; Microsoft Launches Early-Stage VC Programme; BBC micro:bit Priced, Heading for July Launch.

Today people access the web on a whole range of devices, from the smallest smartwatch to the largest workstation. Smartphones alone come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, sporting an array of screen dimensions and resolutions. While there’s no doubting the convenience of having a window on the web wherever and whenever you need one, the experience of navigating sites on a device for which they weren’t originally designed can often be fraught – and occasionally impossible.

This week 100TB brings you the highlights from the world of science and technology: physics and medical biology investigate cancer cells; a possible Earth-like planet far far away is discovered; man’s best friend sniffs out malaria; Levis and Google create a clever jean jacket.