This week 100TB is obsessed with robots and what they can do! Ranging from biscuit-dunking robotic arms to autonomous robots on Mars, we hope you enjoy!

Do you believe that your startup ideas are a bit too weird for mainstream success? Maybe that dream you’ve been secretly nurturing has been kept on the back-burner because you’ve been sure it wouldn’t make it. But perhaps you’re completely wrong….

In the wake of last month’s Brexit vote, the UK needs to stimulate its economy and ensure it becomes an increasingly attractive place to do business, both for home-grown and overseas companies.The UK must also improve the quality of life for citizens and focus on healing the social divisions exposed by the referendum result, particularly since it seems a significant number of people voted ‘leave’ as a general protest against political elites, growing social inequality and years of inadequate strategic planning and investment in communities and public services.

One of the problems with managing a fleet of Linux servers is that security updates and patches seem to be released in an almost continuous stream.

When it comes to domestic gaming, consumers have a straight choice. They can purchase an out-of-the-box sealed unit in the form of a console which has been designed solely for gameplay and ease of use rather than anything else. Alternatively, they can acquire a high-end off-the-shelf desktop computer or construct their own machine, which typically offers scope to upgrade or replace individual components over time.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a commonly used method to create a secure network connection between computers. In most usage scenarios a client computer will connect to a server. Once connected, all or some of the network traffic from the client computer may be encrypted, and is sent to the server.

In this security bulletin we’ve a few things to alert you to: WHM/cPanel update release; OpenSSH is vulnerable to brute force; httpoxy bug affects CGI web applications; WordPress plugins suffer vulnerable flaws.

It’s been an amazing year for live online video, and its success will only increase. Viewers are tuning into live linear streams of their favorite channels, and they’re catching live feeds of high-profile sporting events. In just a few weeks, the Rio Olympics will stream live to millions around the globe.