Minecraft is one of the most popular computer games of recent years. One of the great features is the ability to play with other people online through the use of a web server. Unlike the Minecraft game itself, the server software is free to download and use, so anyone can host a server. Installation is pretty simple as the Minecraft server is a Java application. Read below how to create a Minecraft server of your own on Ubuntu:

Installing Node.js And NPM

Javascript began as a language designed to be executed by a web browser. It was developed to allow more dynamic websites able to perform tasks that HTML alone would not allow. Discover the power of server and client side Node.js with its package manager npm. Have the same tools but learn fewer languages.

Fast forward fifteen years or so, and – if you believe the experts and analysts – digital technology will have transformed the business landscape. Find out how? Here’s our view of the future of digital transformation.

To celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving festivities, 100TB has teamed up with Digital Chaos to offer you the chance to win an exclusive Alienware gaming laptop signed by the team.

Does Big data become increasingly more valuable the bigger it gets? The debate rumbles on in the big data world.

We’ve previously covered a number of Secure SHell (SSH) topics from best practice security settings through mounting remote file systems and keeping a customized local SSH configuration. For most users, SSH is simply used to connect to a remote terminal shell and control the remote system. Something a lot of users don’t realize is that SSH packs in a number of other useful features. One is the ability to tunnel between your local and remote system.

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs have long been an industry staple for businesses.They allow workers to access their private networks from outside a facility, such as when working from home or other remote locations. Discover what a VPN is exactly and how to set one up..

Video streaming is one of the 21st century’s greatest growth industries, but it’s becoming harder to impress an increasingly discerning global audience that has so much content to choose from. To help new entrants succeed in this maturing marketplace, we have compiled a list of ten golden rules every new streaming service should follow – along with practical advice on how to meet these objectives…