Previously, we’ve looked at allowing access to and limiting administrative commands a user can run by using the sudo command. But you may also want to limit which regular commands a user is allowed to access and use. While Linux has no simple way of doing this directly, it is possible to achieve this goal through the use of the chroot command.

To the uninitiated, protocols can seem strange and mysterious. Originally referring to official procedures surrounding diplomatic activities, IT professionals have adopted the word ‘protocol’ to describe the rules governing information transmission across a communications system. Whenever you log onto a website, stream a movie or send an email, protocols are governing the dispatch and receipt of every byte of information.

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Making Loops In Bash

Previously in this series on learning to script, we looked at using if… then… else to control program flow and make decisions in Bash. In this part, we’ll be looking at another method of controlling program flow by using loops. There are three main types of loop that can be used in Bash: while loops, until loops and for loops.

Server performance and guaranteed uptime is crucial to game development and adoption. But stability can also come with a tradeoff of reduced innovation and high maintenance costs. Is there a solution for this constant balancing act that CTOs face?

Transferring files from one place to another is a pretty basic task.There’s not really much need for more than a basic tool for the task. While tools such as cp (copy) and mv (move) do some simple jobs well, sometimes you need a little bit more. This is where rsync comes along. Now a standard feature of almost all Linux distributions and ported to Mac OS and Windows, rsync takes the idea of transferring files and adds in some very funky features. Let’s look at some rsync examples.

Google Neural Network Develops Custom Cryptography; Integral Memory Trumpets Flash Storage Breakthrough; Mozilla Launches Quantum Web Engine Dev Program; Researchers Warn of ‘AtomBombing’ Windows Attack; Dyn Estimates Mirai Botnet Size Below 100,000 Devices.

Crystals are composed of repeating patterns that are the same in certain directions but different in others. This opposes the universal laws of physics, which are the same in all directions. Yet somehow, crystals are still governed by the universal laws. This phenomenon is known as symmetry breaking, which is caused by the removal of energy. Crystals are formations of systems in their state of lowest energy: the ground state.