8 Steps To A Lean Business

If you’re a startup, lean will be the first steps and ultimate goals. If you’re an established business, lean will be a process of elimination and delineation which will trim the proverbial fat and streamline the business. Over the next eight steps, you will uncover some of the most important aspects of a lean business.

As digital beings, our appetite for consuming energy is ever increasing. With nuclear energy constantly on the rise we are setting ourselves up for increased dangers from radiation and putting further strain and strain on our planet. But there is hope on the horizon: the inverse of nuclear fission, nuclear fusion. You may be asking what else is new? Enter the Z Machine! It just might be the answer to revolutionizing the way we create energy forever.

In previous articles in the Intermediate Linux Skills series, we started looking at how we could create a limited jail using chroot to limit the applications that a user can run once they log into your server. In part 1, we looked at how to set up the applications to use the chroot environment In part 2, we performed the configuration required for the chroot environment to work. In this part, we’ll be covering how to set users up to for the chroot environment by default when logging in.

Containers were made for gaming. They reduce system overhead, have faster deploy times and empower your development teams to think less about deployment and more about the content they are deploying. It’s no surprise many AAA game developers, like League of Legends’ Riot Games are starting to incorporate them into their devops stack.

In the previous part, we considered how we would use chroot to put a user in a shell with limited available applications. We got as far as configuring bash to run in our chroot jail. But another important command necessary for the chroot environment to work properly is su. So, to get started you’ll need to repeat the process used for bash and more.

Organizations are constantly being told they must have an effective digital transformation strategy to survive. For many established companies, this realization marks the beginning of a long, expensive and difficult journey to fundamentally change the way they do business.Do you need help?

Mobile-first indexing is one of the biggest shifts in the operation of Google’s search indexing engine since launching nearly two decades ago. Google has announced, that with so many sites still failing to address the growing number of users visiting from mobile devices, the warning is stark: invest in mobile-friendly development or risk a serious drop in search traffic.

As more organizations invest in big data technologies, so the ecosystem of tools and providers is expanding fast. While most of the coverage focuses on analytics, in fact, the range of technologies required for effective big data systems encompasses a plethora of infrastructural, operational and analytical technologies. Learn about the future informing technologies here.