Big data sounds like a big deal. But is it?

In the beginning, there was data. And it was good. So good, in fact, companies demanded more of it. Data could be used to identify past trends, shape current policies and predict future events. Eventually, the volumes of information being generated became so large and complex that a grander term was needed. It had to reflect the need for powerful mass-scale number-crunching algorithms, instead of traditional data processing software.

There are millions of apps available for the three leading mobile platforms of Android, iOS and Windows. But how do go about creating an app for your own company?

Is the world big enough for both tech giants?

We’ve had tech long enough to know that as it improves two things happen, speed goes up and size goes down. We may be a little way off Williams Gibson’s cyberpunk dystopia yet, but until we get there… it’s a safe bet our most powerful computers will be in our pockets.

The big question then is what are we going to do with all this portable processing? The race to miniaturize our lives has begun and it looks like there are only two players.

Bitcoin is the world’s first internet-based currency. It’s worth knowing about, but is it worth accepting as a method of payment?

Some people claim augmented reality could change the way we view the world. But what is it, how does it work, and is it really worth getting excited about?

While you might love to be online, how protected are you from the threats of hacking, snooping and surveillance?

Staying anonymous online and conducting your activities securely isn’t as easy as it sounds. As many as 6.6 million people in the U.S. were stalked online in just a single year. As many as 21% of users reported to having their online or social media accounts hacked at least once. Privacy concerns in the U.S. have made as much as 74% of respondents in a study limit their online activity.

For organizations, losing out on privacy is a big risk factor, and as Pew Research Center found out, not many believe it’s possible to be completely anonymous online.