OTT Streaming Startups: Time To Cut The Cord

24th February, 2017 by
Over-the-top (OTT) streaming has evolved faster than anyone could have expected. Adoption is through the roof. Not only that, OTT streaming solutions are becoming increasingly smart and inventive as big companies snap up small startups, and great minds find new ways to tap into the OTT market. Want to know who to watch out for in 2017?

As the OTT phenomenon continues to grow at a remarkable rate – a fact evidenced by the increasingly popular OTT Streaming Forum 2017 in London – some entrepreneurial minds are taking advantage of the trend and taking solutions to the next level. Here are some of the ones worth watching (literally)…

#1. Pluto

In October 2016, Pluto managed to raise $30 million in Series B funding. This investment not only put the provider’s value at $140 million but gave it the boost it needed to expand into Europe. At its heart, Pluto is an OTT streaming startup that is free for consumers who fancy cutting that cord and getting their hands on a dynamic TV experience. It’s a recipe that has worked wonders for the brand. The app is free to download and has had more than one excellent review.

#2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV claims to have one of the largest collections of cult favorites and modern classics on its OTT streaming solution. It is also growing fast. Currently, the solution is very popular with the younger generation as the content it shows is generally of excellent quality and the price tag is reasonable. The brainchild of Farhad Massoudi, Tubi TV looks set to make some waves over the next few years, as well as some enemies – it even has a Not on Netflix section.

#3. uZoom

uZoom was founded by Dean Graziano, a serial entrepreneur with a strong track record. This OTT streaming service has a little twist in its tale – it is a marketplace for people who want to see what’s happening in the world, and they want to see content which is generated by people who are experiencing these events for themselves. It has an ingenious revenue model in that users pay to see the content that interests them, and its user-driven design means that people are in control of the content they want and create.

#4. Quickplay Media

Quickplay Media was founded in 2004 – an almost prescient move considering the value and impact of the OTT streaming market today – and grew rapidly, receiving venture funding and receiving the impressive label of a company to watch by IDC. In May 2016, Quickplay Media was acquired by AT&T and is now a subsidiary of the telecommunications giant. A glimpse at their About page reveals a company that understands the importance of easy access content which can be personalized, monetized, and delivered timeously.

#5. V-Satcast

In 2015, this little beast was launched as a way of helping OTT video platforms overcome their congestion and cost issues. The premise is simple – unicast means metered bandwidth and stubbornly slow services from ISPs so V-Satcast introduced a multicast extension which is quick, global and clever. The company has tapped into the OTT streaming trend, one which is only set to rise, and made it into a more efficient reality.