New Year’s Ecommerce Checklist

1st January, 2019 by

As it is the New Year, it’s time to start thinking seriously about the business year ahead. As an entrepreneur, you’re most likely ready to tackle whatever obstacles may stand in your way. To be sure that you are fully prepared to dominate 2019, we assembled a helpful list of tasks to prepare your ecommerce organization.

Whether you have one or one hundred employees, below you will find simple tasks to energize and invigorate your workforce:

Perform an early spring clean.

Cleaning out your office or workspace has a refreshing quality that can energize you for the year ahead. Whether it’s just the closet you never seem to get to or a complete overhaul of the office, sprucing up your environment can go a long way towards improving your productivity.

Gather your team to set goals.

Set a time in the next week to gather your whole team for a brainstorming session. Prioritize your goals and create action plans on how to achieve them. It might be worth implementing the S.M.A.R.T. goals method to be sure that the goals you set are attainable for your team. See the S.M.A.R.T. acronym below:

  • Specific: The goal must be specific enough to know if you’ve reached it.
  • Measurable: You must be able to measure your success or failure.
  • Attainable: The benchmark must be something that your team can achieve without an inordinate amount of work.
  • Realistic: The goal should be sensible and practical.
  • Timely: Your team must be able to reach the goal within a set amount of time.

Get your finances in order.

By taking an in-depth look at your finances you will not only prepare for tax time, but also have the ability to realistically look at what you can achieve with your current resources, evaluate overheads, and determine how you would like your finances to look at this time next year. You may need help assessing all of your budgets, but it is worth getting a head start for the year ahead.

Organize your computers.

Much like cleaning out your physical space, giving your digital space a good sweep can also help boost your productivity. If your desktop and download files look anything like ours, a handful of files and a lot of deleting might do your computer some good. As you organize, make sure you take a look at your notification settings. Try to disable the distracting notes that appear on your screen from time to time. During a typical workday, it’s easier to just ignore them as they pop up. However, you will thank yourself in the year to come if you get rid of them once and for all.

Revisit security measures.

The New Year is an excellent time to evaluate your security measures including:

  • Changing all passwords and key codes.
  • Implementing new security methods you’ve been considering like two-factor authentication or CCTV.
  • Updating all accounts with current information in the event you need to recover.
  • Disabling all unused user accounts.
  • Updating website applications and plugins if needed.
  • Double checking data backups to be sure they are up to date.
  • Creating security procedures in the event that your systems are corrupted.
  • Searching out any holes or weak points in your security.

At 100TB, we know that we depend on the success of our clients to keep our data centers humming. Be sure to reach out to a member of our expert support teams if there is anything we can do to help you solutions run smoothly as we embark on 2019. As always, thank you for being loyal customers to the 100TB brand.

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