Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting

14th May, 2019 by

Making web hosting choices can be daunting, which is exactly why you need to understand all of your options before making any major decisions. Today we discuss the differences between managed and unmanaged hosting to help you decide which option is best for you.

What is managed and unmanaged hosting?

Each hosting plan offers a variety of hardware, software, and add-on functionality. For example, some hosting packages may include operating systems, firewalls, around-the-clock support, or cPanel licenses, while others may not. The term ‘managed hosting’ refers to a package that includes additional support, whether in configuration, day-to-day management, or automatic updating. The term ‘unmanaged hosting’ refers to hosting packages that do not include additional support beyond traditional technical support staff.

Key differences

  • Managed Support

Managed support typically includes a helping hand for every task, routine, or emergency for your hosting solution, including total management of your server. Configuration tasks like server setup, installed applications, control panel, and operating system are pre-configured and out-of-the-box ready. Some managed support also includes backup and security monitoring. Managed hosting and support usually come at a much higher monthly expense and can also include longer hosting contracts.   

  • Unmanaged

Unmanaged hosting is much less expensive as it does not include management or monitoring. While the web host will take care of hardware, network, some maintenance, and server reboots, the remainder of the tasks as well as hosting decisions rest with the client. Individuals are more likely to choose unmanaged hosting due to the lower cost and greater control.  

How do I know which is best for my web hosting needs?

It’s best to first consider your long term web hosting needs and your technical abilities before choosing a web hosting package. Managed hosting can sound like a helpful, hands-off solution to your hosting needs. However, will your budget agree in five or ten years from now?

It is also important to address how much control you would like to have over your web hosting infrastructure. If you would like the ability to make quick changes, as well as control the software, applications, operating system, updates, maintenance, backups, and security of your server, it will most likely be in your best interest to partner with a web host who offers the expertise and knowledge to allow you to accomplish these tasks unassisted. For example, 100TB offers a full knowledgebase along with 24/7/365 expert support staff to help you make the best hosting decisions for your data storage solution.

As always, it is important to do your research before committing to any hosting contract, no matter the length or the price. In the event that you choose a managed hosting package, be sure that you fully understand the pricing, terms of use, and service level agreement before signing on the dotted line. Many managed hosting clients become frustrated when tickets take more than a day to get a full response, while others may find themselves unhappy with rising prices as before their contract ends.

Finding the perfect hosting solution

Hopefully, this article has provided enough information to help you make educated hosting decisions. To find the perfect hosting solution for your data management needs, contact our expert sales and solutions team today. From backups to firewalls, has the tools, services, and expertise you need to find success. Our global data center footprint harnesses the power and speed you need to deliver your data without latency. Get started today at