Live Video Streaming Brings Science To You: What To Watch

27th June, 2017 by

Video streaming has been amplifying our entertainment methods for quite some time. We love to binge-watch our favorites from Hulu, Amazon and Netflix, but live streaming offers an educational element you might not have noticed.

The world went crazy over April the pregnant giraffe. Millions tuned in, for a while, to see when the miracle would occur. After a few days, our short attention spans moved on to the next cat video, but the excitement over live streaming a scientific event was not lost. 


You may also remember the Washington D.C. bald eagle nest. Eagle mommy and daddy, named The First Lady and Mr. President, are raising their two baby eagles in front of a live audience. You can watch the eaglettes grow up live, in color and with two different camera angles on this website.

These two instances represent only a small portion of the wide world of science presented to you live. So if live streaming or science are your kind of fun, check out the list below:

The California Academy of Science

This multidisciplinary museum in San Francisco boasts an aquarium, planetarium and natural science museums under one roof. But what is really exciting is their live streams. Watch the African Penguins squabble over territory, explore the Philippine Coral Reef or see what’s up at the Shark Lagoon. Whichever you choose it’s an exciting, and educational, glimpse into the animal kingdom.   

Learn more at The California Academy of Science website.


You knew that NASA would upstage all of our live streaming efforts right? Check out this incredible view of your home planet from space live on YouTube. If you look close enough, you can see me waving! NASA also offers shorter live streams discussing current explorations which are found here.

Get the entire live stream listing from the NASA website.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

If you don’t have the cash flow or the time to jetset to California, don’t worry. The Monterey Bay Aquarium features many of their exhibits live stream. Catch the jellyfish, sea otters or the bay itself from their high tech website.

Check out their entire live stream menu here.

Explore is the Disneyland of natural live streams. Check out Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park in Alaska to watch live as bears pull fish from a stream or quietly observe the fluffy baby Great Gray Owls in their nest. The list goes on, but this science live stream should not be missed.

You can see the full Explore live stream list at

And Just Because: Live Streamed Kittens

We can’t be scientists all the time, so we have everyone’s greatest guilty pleasure: kitties! Watch them play and mew in the standard adorable fashion here.

Start Streaming Today

Live stream offers the opportunity to take your projects to a live audience. Whether you are studying natural predators in the wild or the Earth from space, live stream connects you to who matters most. Don’t miss out on the live stream excitement – go live today and share your passions, knowledge and excitement live!.