Important Reasons Why You Need A Backup Solution

22nd January, 2019 by

You often hear the words ‘backup’ and ‘disaster recovery’ used together. However, recovering data is not the only reason why backups are important to your web hosting and data storage. Today we will take a look at backup solutions and why they are important for more than replacing lost data.

What is a backup solution?

Data backup solutions are the creation and storage of data in a different location. Copies of your stored data can then be used to restore data to an original server or to complete a move to a new data center location. Backup solutions must store copies of your data in a new system, location, or medium. It cannot be a file on your existing server.

For example, 100TB offers backup solutions in four different geographical locations: Salt Lake City, Phoenix, New York City, and London. We have partnered with R1Soft as our preferred method of backup solutions to store copies of your data in the city of your choice.

Traditional approaches to backup management include streaming or application-based backup. Data is pushed from your host server to your backup, and the backup agent ensures that you have a secure connection. Data is then ingested and optimized before being written to your backup system. Optimization includes indexing by file or directory, compression and deduplication measures, and data encryption to keep data secure.

How do data backups work?

When employing a backup solution, your data is transferred by block. Block level bypasses the file system and pulls data from the volume or disk, meaning that data is transferred faster and with less disk usage. Minimizing the system resources used means that you can push backups as often as you need without a noticeably increased load.

The benefits of having a backup solution:

  • Consolidated backup and recovery from a variety of systems with one single backup interface.
  • Reduce data footprint with compressed and deduplicated data.
  • Metadata management on a per file, directory, or recovery point basis.
  • Application integration.
  • Efficient backup management and restoration.
  • Protection against data loss, data corruption, and disaster recovery.

Why are backup solutions important?

Without getting into harrowing statistics of malware, ransomware, and other terrifying disasters, data backups are basically good business practice. Yes, they are helpful when your system needs a complete recovery. However, they are also important for basic data management, optimization, and integration.

Many data security experts recommend the 3-2-1 rule explained as the following:

  • Keep three copies of your data at all times.
  • Store the data in at least two different formats.
  • Hold one copy of your data in an offsite location.

This recommendation applies to organizations of all sizes, from small business to large enterprise. How often you stream or transfer your data is completely up to you. However, creating backups your data as often as it is altered is best practice. For example, if you make changes to your data on a weekly basis, then a weekly backup is fine. If you add additional data on a minute-by-minute interval, then every day might work best for your organization.

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