How Does Streaming Work? [Infographic]

11th May, 2017 by

Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube are the new big players in the world of visual content as a result of a revolution in viewing habits.

A generation is now embracing streaming in order to watch the latest big-budget dramas or films fresh from the silver screen – and are turning their backs on traditional broadcast TV channels and satellite or cable subscriptions in favor of this. The most popular channels on YouTube also attract the sort of viewing figures that put them on a par with anything put out by traditional broadcasters when it comes to audience reach and influence.

The growth of faster and more reliable internet connections has helped to make streaming widespread, allowing us all access to the data we need to be able to watch high-quality video content when and where we want.

As a result, a robust infrastructure has had to spring up to support our viewing habits. This infographic takes a look at how streaming works and just how much data is accessed at a time when Netflix or Amazon unleashes its latest hit show – or a famous YouTuber uploads their latest video their channel.

How Does Streaming Work?