How Data Center Location Affects Website Speeds

15th January, 2019 by

Where you store your data is almost as important as how you store it. When choosing a web hosting method, it may be intuitive as to which storage form would work best for you, whether it is a virtual private server or dedicated hosting. However, where you store your data might not be so easy to decide, as there are likely to be more data center options than you realized. Today we will cover how to choose the right data center to suit your site visitors and why location is important to your website traffic.

100TB’s Global Footprint

Here at 100TB, we know just how much is at risk when your data doesn’t meet expected speeds. This is exactly why we are constantly looking to expand our global data center locations and high-capacity infrastructure. Throughout our 20 years of service, we have strategically added data centers where our clients need them most. Whether your audience lives in Singapore or San Juan, our data locations can accommodate your needs. When partnering with 100TB, you can rest assured that we have the power, speed, and availability you need to expand your digital success.

Our 28 data center locations span five continents with locations close to major metropolitan hubs. The 100TB worldwide data center footprint is our secret to high-performance hosting in powering diverse ranges of systems at a worldwide scale. Each of our locations is proven to provide stable hosting environments, no matter what might be happening outside our walls. The 100TB network is our secret weapon to providing unrivaled service almost anywhere on the globe.

Why latency matters

Did you know that experts have calculated that it takes 200 milliseconds for a solitary packet of data to travel from America to Australia? It is, of course, a theoretical estimate based on assumptions made about the time of day and current traffic levels. However, the calculation fairly represents the latency experienced in data transfers.

Latency is officially defined as the amount of time it takes a packet of information to travel from an originating point to the intended destination. You may be thinking that 200 milliseconds is quite fast, but you need to keep in mind that anything over one-seventh of a second is noticeable latency in high stream communications. For example, in gaming and stock trading environments, a few milliseconds difference can be the difference between a successful game or trade and a wasted investment. The small, but easily perceptible, lag can be the end of your painstaking project if not properly addressed.

Choosing the best data center location

You can control the latency experienced by users by storing data closer to the receiver, but how do you decide which data centers will best serve your traffic? It may be worth pinging various data center locations for trial and error purposes. You can gauge your speeds at by simply clicking the location you are interested in and download the testing file.

When choosing a data center, it’s important to have a relatively extensive idea of where your traffic is originating from. You can accomplish this with Google Analytics or through other paid services like SimilarWeb or Ahref. These analytical tools provide detailed information on exactly who is visiting your website, how long they are staying on your pages, and how you can improve the user experience. Once you understand where your traffic is coming from, you can make informed decisions on how to better accommodate your users.

Data compliance regulations

Many industries have to be careful where personal or sensitive data is stored. If you have data compliance regulations like PCI or HIPAA, data storage is of monumental importance. In order to meet regulations, you may need to ensure that your data is being held at a Tier 3 or Tier 4 data center location. Before confirming your data center location, be sure that the data center meets your data compliance requests. 100TB offers data center locations at a variety of tiers to meet your requirements and your budget.

The challenges of slow data are not permanent. Most can absolutely be solved with a great web hosting provider. Make sure that your host offers reliable data centers exactly where you need your data needs to be. 100TB has the answer to your high-throughput traffic needs. Learn more about engaging the power, speed, and redundancy of 100TB today by taking a look at our one-of-a-kind platform. Contact our expert sales and support teams to get started.