Highlighting The 100TB API

21st June, 2019 by

At 100TB, our ultimate goal is to arm our clients with the best tools, services, and expertise we can. By providing you with the proper elements needed for your web hosting solution, we can succeed as a partnership. Our API is our secret weapon, used to help 100TB clients reach their goals.  

Today we will focus on helping you learn more about the 100TB API and exactly what makes it special. If you are looking for increased agility and a decreased time to market, then this post is for you.

What is an API?

Put simply, an Application Programming Interface (API) is a tool for building software applications. It acts as a go-between to help two different programs communicate effectively and quickly. APIs are a set of routines and protocols that determine how components should interact with one another. Ultimately, an API should make programming easier, and as a consequence increase productivity.  

An excellent metaphor for APIs is to think of Lego building blocks. Lego pieces snap together seamlessly because they follow a very specific protocol in the shape and depth of each connecting piece. Through the size protocol, children (or even quite a few adults) can use Lego to build giant masterpiece sculptures. However, if even one of the Lego used in the sculpture doesn’t match the protocol or routine, it will create instability that may or may not cause the sculpture to crumble.  

As you can see in the image below, the 100TB API acts as the final piece to the 100TB platform. Our servers, network, additional tools, and data center locations are all enhanced by the addition of the 100TB API.  

What can an API do for me?  

In essence, it can expand your capabilities beyond the usual constraints with an Application Programming Interface. Reach beyond your server to incorporate third-party services and application in no time at all. The 100TB API allows you automate processes that would normally need to be hard-coded into your platform. Through an API you can automate, manage, and optimize your platform while also saving time, money and effort.

Why choose 100TB?  

100TB has spent the last twenty years perfecting our platform. From our 29+ data center locations to our outstanding staff, every aspect of your hosting experience has been scrutinized and optimized. Our highly resilient platform is specifically designed to give you the competitive edge you need to survive and excel in the highly disruptive digital world.  

The 100TB platform offers:

  • Our outstanding API used to automate and simplify your infrastructure
  • Expert support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • A global data center footprint to cut latency and boost redundancy
  • A flexible SLA with outstanding uptime and customized billing
  • The 100TB always-on high-bandwidth network  

Let us find your solution…

Our expert solutions architects would love to help you boost your business mobility, agility, and resiliency by evaluating your existing platform and looking for ways to boost your on-demand infrastructure. Unlock value, speed, and productivity with the 100TB API today. Contact our sales team today to see what 100TB can do for your business!

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