Go Local: A Business Startup With The Local Touch

20th May, 2016 by
The business startup phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down. Ideas are everywhere and the incredible ubiquity of technology is enabling people to take the leap with minimal risk, transforming these ideas into reality.

One of these realities is a growing trend towards bringing the homemade and the local into the eye of the consumer; apps, solutions, products, and services which showcase and sell the very best on offer in a particular area and which show consumers what they can access right by their front door.

Business Startup Go Local

The business startup Go Local is an app developed by Simon Fellowes, Grant Webber, and Dave Thomas, and was inspired by the need to know what was going on in their area. The company received a loan from Startup Direct to focus on the development of their app, which is live and free to download. The app tells you where your nearest happy hour is, what fun events are taking place, deals you would normally miss and so much more. It’s a genius idea that allows people to find out more about where they live and access everything the area has to offer.

Connecting the Local Farmer, Foodmaker and Local Consumer

Then there is Bonativo, a business startup that connects the local farmer with the local consumer so they both can enjoy fresh, organic produce without the hassle. The site sources fresh produce that is all local and is touted as a solution to bringing the farmer’s market online.

Food Assembly is another take on bringing together the consumer, the food maker and the farmer. Users select their area and locate the Assembly which is closest to where they live. The site will then give them a list of the producers and food available in the area and consumers can select from fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, and more. Anyone can find something special and tasty they never knew existed right around the corner.

For those who don’t fancy having to locate and buy and cook their own meals, there is a business startup Deliveroo which describes itself as a food delivery service and logistics platform. Customers order food from their local favorite (while discovering new spots in the vicinity) and have it delivered within seven to eight minutes of leaving the kitchen. It also doesn’t use the usual restaurant suspects so expect something tasty…

A Parking Genius Business Start Up

Sick of hunting for parking in your area and wish the car could fold up and go? As a business startup goes, JustPark is getting it right. This ingenious idea lets people rent out spots at their homes or businesses that other people can then locate and use using the JustPark app. The company has been such a success it has partnered with BMW. We can soon expect BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce to have the JustPark dashboard app as standard within their vehicles.

Now you can park, eat, organize, shop and relax thanks to these sassy business startups that have tapped into local talent and handed it over on a bed of technology.