Exciting Ways Businesses Are Streaming Live Media

25th September, 2019 by

Viewers love live streaming. There’s an excitement in watching something unfold in real-time that soothes our FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Whether you are streaming a concert, world event, or just a weekly business meeting, media streaming services allow us to feel like we are part of the action. 

Streaming isn’t only being used to binge-watch television favorites. In fact, there are hundreds of new streaming use cases, allowing for streaming technologies to evolve so that anyone with a laptop or smartphone can quickly stream to Facebook or YouTube. Expert studies show that while almost 28% of streaming is live sports, 26% of streaming didn’t fall into the major categories like OTT, gambling, esports, or video chat. Instead, businesses are using media streaming in some truly inventive ways that are catching the attention of just about everyone. 


Businesses are making most of the “Other” streaming category with use cases that include:


  • Live commerce 
  • Healthcare 
  • Situational awareness and safety  
  • Peer-to-peer music 
  • Fashion and lifestyle 
  • Live webcams 
  • Surveillance 
  • Drones 
  • Radio 
  • Medical training 
  • Scenic/landscape 
  • Weddings 
  • Townhall meetings 
  • LinkedIn Live Corporate

With a streaming platform, which we will discuss in just a moment, and a low latency hosting solution, businesses can move beyond traditional streaming use cases to truly innovative and engaging media collaborations. 


Beyond internal communications

While anyone with a webcam can post a video online, businesses must be a bit savvier in the way they use streaming services. Obviously, YouTube and Facebook may not be the best place to live stream sensitive internal or training videos. However, there are some terrific enterprise streaming services to fill this gap:


Service: Panopto

Why it’s great: Sheer size and functionality. 

Panopto has become a standard for many businesses and universities for quickly streaming and recording important sessions to save in secure locations. Centralized video libraries allow users to save, search, and share video, a process that can be invaluable when considering retiring employees, graduating students, or other important insider knowledge. 


Service: Brightcove

Why it’s great: Video monetization and analytics.

Best for large businesses, Brightcove is an excellent streaming platform for video monetization and analytical data. Features include an HTML5 all-device video player, so streams look great on any sized screen, instant video analytics, Token-based REST APIs, social publishing tools, and around-the-clock support.


Service: Vimeo

Why it’s great: Scalability.

Since 2004, Vimeo has been a popular spot for uploading and streaming videos. According to Dacast, “As a streaming service, Vimeo OTT offers uploading from any device, player customization, and video analytics. Overall, Vimeo OTT targets larger-scale businesses with substantial budgets.” Since acquiring Livestream, Vimeo’s business model moved from a small scale, $40 per month service to a large approach to high-end streaming services. For example, full API access is more than $1000 per month. 


Service: Wowza

Why it’s great: Super affordable. 

If Vimeo’s extensive streaming plans don’t appeal, you may be much more satisfied with Wowza prices. For as little as $49 per month, you can access their cloud management portal, streaming up to 4K, high-end security, the Wowza API, and live stream recording. Wowza boasts that 35,000 businesses currently use their services and with a freemium option, it’s absolutely worth giving this platform a try.


Supporting your streaming services

Whether you prefer an on-premise solution featuring bare metal benefits like low latency and dedicated resources or a cloud solution, 100TB can help you configure your streaming services solution in record time. From five to five thousand servers, our solutions experts can help you provision exactly what you need to meet your streaming demands, Our 29 data center locations cut latency while ensuring that your live streams are closest to those requesting your media. Learn more today by chatting with our media and streaming experts.