Exciting New and Improved Bandwidth Tool Helps Manage Bandwidth Usage

30th July, 2018 by

100TB is always on the lookout for new ways to make hosting easier and more efficient. Our clients expect the best, which is why we are excited to announce a new and improved bandwidth tool to make managing bandwidth a quick and reasonable task.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Bandwidth can be a strange, elusive metric, which is exactly why we took the guesswork out of bandwidth management with this new and improved tool. Our updated interface focuses on clarity and simplicity. From your Console account, you can easily see exactly how much bandwidth you’ve used and how long it will be before your allotment resets.


Our bandwidth monitoring tool also has a handy projected usage feature and a chart to help you look for trends in your monthly usage. Never again will you be staring at a graph wondering exactly what it is you are looking for. 100TB is always looking to add clarity and enhancements to make your hosting experience easier.

New Feature: Bandwidth Pooling By Data Center

Our new bandwidth pooling feature was created specifically for clients who have multiple servers in a single data center location. Share the bandwidth you lease each month between your servers to make the most of your hosting dollars.

Bandwidth pooling allows you to exchange bandwidth between all server running in one data center location. This gives you an aggregate amount to utilize among all of your servers in a single data center. Unfortunately, bandwidth pooling does not extend between data center locations.

Let us explain how this works. Imagine that you have three servers in our New York data center. Each server has 100TB of bandwidth each. Server A is full of excitement and traffic, so it usually goes over bandwidth allotment every month by using 200TB. Servers B and C are more slow paced and typically used for testing, so they only use about 50% of their bandwidth allotment at 50TB each.

Traditionally, clients would be stuck paying for the overage on Server A, even though they have extra bandwidth from Servers B and C. Not ideal, right? With bandwidth pooling, the 50TB of unused bandwidth from Servers B and C will apply to Server A and avoid what would typically be bandwidth overages.


Bandwidth pooling now allows 100TB clients pull from their lower bandwidth servers and share bandwidth throughout their running servers within the data center location. The bandwidth you pay for is yours to use as long as you do not change data center locations. It is important to remember that even with bandwidth pooling, the best way to manage bandwidth overages is through additional servers. If you feel like bandwidth overage is a concern, please reach out to our sales team or log into your 100TB Console account to see your options.

To try out our new and improved Bandwidth Monitoring tool, simply log into your 100TB Console account. As always, feel free to contact our expert technical support team by opening a chat or creating a ticket within your Console account. Our support team is available 24×7 to answer questions or lend a helping hand.

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