Do You Have What It Takes To Host Your Own Game?

5th March, 2019 by

If you consider yourself to be a serious gamer, odds are that at one time or another you’ve come quite close to losing your temper at another player or a game administrator. You may even have thought to yourself: “I could host a game far better than this.”

Today the gaming industry is a $25 billion industry in America alone.

Gaming is big business, whether it’s mobile, desktop, or console. According to gaming experts, the number of gamers is set to increase each year, meaning that popular games will have more and more users. So the question is, do you want to fight for space on other games or would you rather create your own service for other gamers to enjoy?

Building your own gaming server is an easily attainable goal. So, let’s discuss why you might consider creating your own gaming server, and what you need to get started.

Why choose a dedicated gaming server?

Whether you are frustrated with latency, congestion, administration, or some combination of all of the above, you aren’t alone in your quest for better gaming. Many users choose to create a dedicated gaming server, especially when considering MMORPG-style games, or games like Minecraft where the game’s entire point is customization.

While the benefits may be endless, below are additional reasons why you might consider creating your own dedicated gaming server:

Set your own rules.

Modify your game to match your expectations and optimum playing strategy, while also avoiding the ‘in-game Gestapo’ of other online games. Create your own new gameplay environments and customize your in-game laws.

Control the load.

There is nothing worse than losing a mission or missing a shot because a game becomes overloaded. With your own dedicated gaming server, you control the load.

Pick your players.

While it’s momentarily entertaining to game with players who enjoy discussing Paw Patrol and chicken nuggets, it’s much more challenging to play with players you invite to your private gaming server.

Beta testing

Private gaming servers let you test our new environments away from prying eyes so users can debug in private.

Building your dedicated gaming server

If we have enticed you with a few of the benefits of creating your own gaming server, you are in luck. There are always options to build a gaming server in your own home, provided that you have 300Mbps fiber connection. However, if you do not it’s often better to acquire a server from a managed, secure data center.

100TB has data centers in over 29 locations spanning five continents to cut latency and provide the best gaming experience. To get started, visit and choose your preferred location. When choosing your server, remember that various games have specific hardware and software requirements. If you are unsure whether or not your server will meet your game requirements, feel free to contact our expert technical support team.

Before installing your game on your server, be sure to check with your game manufacturer for specific game requirements. Oftentimes, companies like Minecraft and Steam have helpful one-click installations ready for you. If not, gaming forums are a great way to obtain the necessary information you need to get started. Message boards, YouTube, and tutorials will help you establish your server and start playing in your wonderfully smooth and seamless gaming environment.