Data Center Spotlight: Frankfurt

8th August, 2019 by

In our constant effort to fight latency and boost connectivity, 100TB focuses on adding data centers to complete our global footprint. Our data center locations are carefully chosen to be sure that your data storage is completely safe while also being optimized for easy transit to major networks. 

Our network experts visit each data center to make certain that their locations meet our 100TB standards. For example, each facility must be protected with redundancies, industry-leading cooling, as well as accommodate protection from natural disasters.

Data Center Spotlight: Frankfurt

We choose our locations based on the unlikelihood of the facility being disrupted by fire, flood, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, and other acts of God. If a facility seems like it may be at risk, we will opt for another location. Only the locations that meet our stringent requirements are added to our global data center footprint. 

Today we will look specifically at our Frankfurt location and all of the amenities this facility can offer your European traffic:

Welcome to Frankfurt, Germany

Strategically located just over a mile from central Frankfurt, Germany, this facility is Tier 3 and offers 67,000 square meters of space. This highly secure data center is one of the top facilities in Germany, with reliable environmental controlling systems and scalable power options built-in. 

With direct connections to Europe’s second-largest internet exchange, Frankfurt offers connectivity straight to DE-CIX with over 400 domestic and international ISPs. This location is ideal for fast-growing international companies and small to medium enterprises looking to broaden their reach.

Intelligent redundancy failovers protect your systems with three days of normal usage should the facility experience complete failure. The Frankfurt facility is a perfect location to service all of your Europe traffic with smooth, reliable connections. 

Rest easy knowing that your data is protected by 24/7 on-site security and digital surveillance covering all 67,000 square feet of the facility. Early fire detection and active inergen fire extinguishing systems protect against disaster while N+1 redundant air conditioning and cooling systems ensure that your data connects straight to the German Internet Exchange without fail. 

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