Data Center Spotlight: Amsterdam

11th April, 2019 by

At 100TB, our focus is on creating a global footprint of data centers to cut latency, boost redundancy, and deliver your data at lightning fast speeds. To accomplish this goal, we have chosen the finest data centers located optimally close to major exchanges. Data centers that meet our stringent requirements offer only the highest in network, connectivity, and environmental control.  

Today we will look at our Amsterdam data center and all the perks it has to offer your European data needs. With a direct connection to AMS-IX, this facility is equipped with industry-leading hardware for top reliability and performance. See more about the highlights of this facility below:

Power: 99.99999% uptime

Our Amsterdam data center has a fully redundant 2N power system with a 99.99999% uptime since 2007. It uses 100% green energy and supports high density solutions (>32 KW). With 16 diesel generator sets (gensets) and 25 MVA current capacity (expansion up to 60 MVA), your data will be available around the clock, effectively ending downtime.  

Cooling: 100% green energy

With completely redundant cooling ACU (2N) and hot and cold aisle containment, the Amsterdam data center meets the environmental standards to keep hardware running longer. Our high-density cooling solutions and standard 15kW keeps temperature at a consistent 24 degrees Celsius and relative humidity at 50%. The Amsterdam data center offers an optimal ambient operating environment and 30” raised floors to facilitate underfloor cooling for maximum hardware performance.

Security: On-site and at hand    

Day or night, the Amsterdam data center facility is fully secured with on-site security guards and exterior mobile patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With full digital video surveillance and restricted biometric access, your data is kept under lock and key. Additionally, our Amsterdam data center offers a state-of-the-art VESDA overhead and underfloor aspirating smoke detection system.  You can also choose to add our optional managed firewall for an additional layer of security.

To learn more about the 100TB global data center footprint, please visit a map of our worldwide locations at