Choosing An IoT Development Platform

10th May, 2019 by

Choosing an Internet of Things (IoT) platform comprises a combination of research, planning, and the need to understand complex situations. This article acts as a guide to help you assess your needs, understand your options, and make a decision for the future of your IoT plans.

What exactly is considered to be IoT?

In a nutshell, IoT constitutes as any group of devices connected to a network or cloud through wifi or cellular data. Through the connection, IoT devices relay data to third-party apps and services as a way to alter or amalgamate data. So, whether the devices are being used to track temperature, water use, dog treat disposal, or any other helpful task, there are three important data transfers that must be considered before choosing the perfect platform.

Choosing An IoT Development PlatformWhat is an IoT platform?

An IoT platform can be thought of as layers. More specifically, IoT platforms typically consist of four different layers that lead to a finished product. The layers can be seen below:

  • Hardware

The hardware includes the devices that collect the data from their environment. In the image above, the hardware is seen as the IoT device cubes.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity is the wifi or cellular network used to send, or broker, the information collected by the hardware.

  • Processing

The processing step occurs in the cloud or data storage solution. Data is analyzed and valuable information is extracted to be sent to the application.

  • Application

The application is the interface used to visualize the end usage of the collected data.

For a practical explanation of the information above, consider a smart thermostat for your home. Thermometers located throughout your home represents the hardware. The data collected, or the temperature is sent through your wifi connection to the cloud to be processed. Once the data is analyzed, you can see the results on your smartphone through the app created to see the collected information.

How to choose a platform for your IoT development

When considering building IoT functionality, there are many aspects regarding each of the four layers discussed above. It can be hard to traverse the IoT ecosystem, however, hopefully you will have a pretty good idea on the hardware and connectivity. All that should be left to develop is processing or a storage solution, and the application created to access the processed data. Luckily, both can be accomplished by partnering with the right web hosting partner.

Before choosing your storage solution, be sure to spend time researching the following aspects of each host’s capability:

  • Customer Success

Does the company offer use cases to demonstrate IoT success? How do the company’s social media pages rate for responsiveness and complaining customers?

  • Reliability

Take a look at the SLA to fully understand what you can expect as far as outages and, if possible, check out any status update pages to see how often services undergo maintenance.

  • Scalability

If you plan on growing, be sure that your web hosting platform can grow with you. As you accumulate data, your storage needs will increase exponentially.

  • Flexibility

For any new startup, flexible billing dates can make or break a company. Do you pay for what you use or is there a fixed rate for each month? Be sure you know exactly what to expect.

  • Security

Know your security options before you agree to a contract. Ask questions about firewalls and data center compliance and security measures.

  • Price

As with any purchase, be sure you understand the monthly price and exactly what you can expect to pay in the future. Getting locked into expensive cloud contracts is an IoT startup’s worst nightmare.

  • Experience

Only partner with web hosts who have the experience and the expertise to act as an asset, not a liability.

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