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Welcome to part 3 of our series on securing a web directory in Apache using the .htaccess file.

In part one we looked at what the .htaccess file is and how it works. In part two we looked at the auth directive and how it can be used to provide authentication level access restrictions to a website directory. In case you haven’t yet, I’d recommend reading over the previous parts before continuing with this one.

In this article we will be looking at using the .htaccess file to either block or allow access based on where the request comes from.

There are many packages for setting up server monitoring and logging your dedicated Bare Metal or Virtual Server. One of the newer monitoring applications is Prometheus. 

It was designed by SoundCloud as a tool to monitor their systems, and features a time series database with multi-dimensional data storage coupled to a powerful query language to enable system administrators to define their metrics and generate reports. 

Prometheus consists of a couple of different elements, the Prometheus server itself and the Node Exporter.