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Start your week getting up to date with the latest news in the world of technology: EU Issues Hyperlink Copyright Ruling; Google Chrome to Adopt HTTP Warning; Sky Boasts of IPv6 Roll-Out Reach; Intel Acquires Machine Vision Specialist Movidius; SoftBank Completes ARM Holdings Acquisition

Is A Piton A Good Catch?

100TB brings you the latest news in technology: Excess Project Launches Energy-Efficiency Tools; Princeton University Releases Open-Source HPC Processor; SWEET32 Vulnerability Hits Popular Block Ciphers; Endemol Shine Launches UK Games Studio; Microsoft Offers Free VMware to Hyper-V Migration Licenses.

25 Years On

If you were born on the 6th August 1991 then you share a significant birthday with something very special: the World Wide Web. Think of the progress you’ve made in your life in this quarter of a century. Then consider just what an incredible impact the World Wide Web has had on every single aspect of our lives. It seems nothing has been untouched by this extraordinary phenomenon.

This week 100TB brings you a technology news heavyweight roundup: Microsoft Opens PowerShell Source; Facebook Releases fastText AI Library; Evidence Points to ‘Shadow Brokers’ Leak’s Legitimacy; LinkedIn Files Suit Against Data Scrapers; GPG Patches Long-Running RNG Security Flaw.

This week 100TB brings you the latest in technology: Zurich to Offer IoT Alarm Discount; Ubuntu Linux Gets React Native Support; White House Announces Federal Source Code Policy; Intel Acquires AI Startup Nervana Systems; Hewlett Packard Enterprise Acquires SGI for Big Data Push.

This week 100TB brings you the latest in Technology: IBM Announces X-Force Red Pen-Testing Group; Facebook Opens Company’s ‘Biggest’ Hardware Lab; Check Point Announces Browser Zero-Day Blocker; OCF and Thread Partner on IoT Push; Russia Claims Encryption Monitoring Breakthrough.

100TB brings you a week in the world of technolgy: Docker for Mac, Windows Released; US Releases Cyber Security Presidential Policy Directive; MIT Media Lab Launches “Disobedience Award”; European Commission Proposes a Bitcoin-Tracking Database; Microsoft Launches Secure Blog.

100TB brings you the latest from the world of technology: SoftBank to Acquire UK Tech Giant ARM; Stack Overflow Branches into Documentation; Google Slashes Data Center Costs with AI; Microsoft Launches Video Streaming Platform; Opera Software Sells Browser Tech.