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For many businesses, Christmas is a time for winding down and taking stock. For those in the business to consumer (B2C) sector, it can be one of the busiest times of the year. For anyone in the technology industry, though, it’s a time to be on high alert: while your staff may be taking time off to be with family and friends, the ne’er-do-wells intent on fraud, theft, or simple misguided mischief won’t be doing the same. For B2Cs it’s a frantic dash to Christmas Eve. For those in the tech industry it’s vigilance and high alert all round. While the cat’s away the mice will play, thieve, commit fraudulent acts or simply be mischievous Are you ready?

Once the realm of science fiction, artificial intelligence – in the form of deep learning networks and neural processing of big data – is beginning to make a major splash in the world of business. Whatever field your business may be in, if it’s processing any form of data then it’s likely that the rise of the machines is going to be behind a serious upheaval sooner rather than later – though, thankfully, not in a Terminator-esque manner.

Mobile-first indexing is one of the biggest shifts in the operation of Google’s search indexing engine since launching nearly two decades ago. Google has announced, that with so many sites still failing to address the growing number of users visiting from mobile devices, the warning is stark: invest in mobile-friendly development or risk a serious drop in search traffic.

Google Neural Network Develops Custom Cryptography; Integral Memory Trumpets Flash Storage Breakthrough; Mozilla Launches Quantum Web Engine Dev Program; Researchers Warn of ‘AtomBombing’ Windows Attack; Dyn Estimates Mirai Botnet Size Below 100,000 Devices.

Linux Users Urged to Patch Dirty COW Bug; Fujitsu Announces Novel Architecture with 10,000-Fold Speed Boost; Intel Chips Vulnerable to ASLR Bypass; Canonical Introduces Kernel Live-Patch Service; Corda Blockchain Platform Goes Open-Source.

Have you heard about the latest developments in AI and bitcoin adoption? Huawei Invests $1m in AI Research; Fujitsu Slashes UK Headcount; Reactive Tech Completes ‘Smart Grid’ Trial; Dubai’s Government Adopts Blockchain Technology; Facebook Topic-Picking AI Found Wanting.

This week 100TB brings you the latest news in technology and security:

GCHQ Launches New National Cyber Security Center; Adapteva Tapes Out 1,024-Core Epiphany-V Chip; OpenStack Launches Version 14, ‘Newton’; TalkTalk Hit With £400,000 Fine Over Data Breach; IBM Launches Blockchain-Powered IoT Services.