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Pop culture has not only hit the movies with a spectacular, special effects-driven bang (Suicide Squad, anyone?), but it is influencing the development of startups, inspiring geeks and fans to create businesses which tap into this lucrative market.

You’re thinking of starting a new business. Your idea is written down, maybe even framed on a mantelpiece. You’ve got the cash, the business plan and your first employee. You’re ready. Or are you?

Do you believe that your startup ideas are a bit too weird for mainstream success? Maybe that dream you’ve been secretly nurturing has been kept on the back-burner because you’ve been sure it wouldn’t make it. But perhaps you’re completely wrong….

You may think your startup doesn’t need a social media strategy, that a few random posts here and there are enough. You may even believe that having no time to spend on social is a valid reason for ignoring it completely. You would be wrong. On every count.

The hot new startup idea on the block this year is artificial intelligence (AI). And as ideas go, this one is nothing short of terrifyingly amazing. There are some startups doing impressive things with AI at the moment and here are 10 of the most exciting…

So, you have ideas burning a hole your mind and you’re now thinking of starting a business. You’re about to revolutionize your industry vertical and disrupt the old and traditional with something new.

The genius idea, the angel investor and the impressive media launch. For any startup these are equivalent to winning the entrepreneurial lottery. However, as amazing as this may be, if your startup doesn’t have a website which is easily navigated, well designed, clearly explains the product or solution and has contact information, then it may as well be operating in the dark ages.

The Lean Mean Startup Trend Machine

In 2011, Eric Ries authored the New York Times bestseller – The Lean Startup (How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation To Create Radically Successful Business) – which both set and tapped into the growing lean startup trend.