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If cloud supplier lock-in is such a bad idea, how do so many development teams find themselves stuck in this frustrating scenario?

What defines an excellent startup idea? Do they fill a gap in the market that nobody knew existed until the solution pops up like magic? Is it that they managed to succeed in spite of chaotic economies and mercurial market conditions? Or is it just that the startup ideas themselves are so wonderfully interesting and the entrepreneur so deliciously bold? What is worth a moment’s pause to pay attention to a startup? Whatever the criteria you choose to define an excellent startup idea, here the top ten startup ideas for 2016…

8 Steps To A Lean Business

If you’re a startup, lean will be the first steps and ultimate goals. If you’re an established business, lean will be a process of elimination and delineation which will trim the proverbial fat and streamline the business. Over the next eight steps, you will uncover some of the most important aspects of a lean business.

Your business is brand new. It’s flourishing. Clients are in and out the door, and the solutions you sell are buzzing in the right minds while wallets are gently opening in your direction. But how can you maintain that momentum? Learn the secret of success by harnessing the power of social media.

Investing into infrastructure can be daunting especially while managing the demands of a growing business. Take lessons from the agile startup that picks and chooses solutions to fit their budget regarding cloud potential. So how can you be like them?

In a quest to create an agile startup, we spoke with experts and entrepreneurs to uncover how they set about building their businesses while keeping agility and scalability in mind. We discovered that an agile startup can be crafted by following some very simple steps and that most experts were in agreement when it came to getting these right. In this third part, we are now going to uncover exactly how an agile startup can remain that way while also adding in another ingredient – technology.

Scalability is everything. In this post we reveal the secrets of the agile startup by interviewing the people who have already made it happen in their lives and who have created successful businesses. In the first part of the series we asked – what is scalability? – in this second part we uncover exactly what your business needs to know to become an agile startup.

Can you scale? It’s a question many small business (SME) owners and entrepreneurs are asked as they flex their expansion muscles and get ready to take on the world. The real question, however, should be – what is scalability? And how do you do it effectively?