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80% more people worked remotely in 2012 than in 2005. Last year, 43% of US workers said they spent at least some time working from home. Remote work is on the rise, and modern companies need to adopt tools and policies that allow their employees to participate in the work-from-home economy.

There are millions of apps available for the three leading mobile platforms of Android, iOS and Windows. But how do go about creating an app for your own company?

If you’re not already using software to tell you how to optimize your website and online marketing or advertising campaigns, you’re missing a trick.

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming has evolved faster than anyone could have expected. Adoption is through the roof. Not only that, OTT streaming solutions are becoming increasingly smart and inventive as big companies snap up small startups, and great minds find new ways to tap into the OTT market. Want to know who to watch out for in 2017?



We’ve looked at why cloud supplier lock-in happens even to the best teams, and how it can impact your entire business. Now, let’s talk about how you can reduce the risks of cloud supplier lock-in to stop worrying and take full advantage of the cloud.

Cloud supplier lock-in is one of the biggest concerns facing IT professionals today. In order to understand how we can fix the problem, we need to take a closer look at the effects cloud supplier lock-in can have on your entire business.

There are only two Mondays left before Christmas. Let that sink in for a bit. It may only be early December, but the silly season is in full swing. Lights sparkle and shoppers beat weary feet from store to store as they try to make Christmas wishes a reality. It’s not just the gap-toothed child eagerly awaiting something special, though. The startup has its own lengthy list of things it could really do with as the old year ends and the new one begins. Here are some of the things that most startups wish they could have for Christmas…