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Wearable technology is definitely predicted to be a massive trend of the future. Whether it’s a pair of self-lacing trainers or a heating jacket, wearables will surely evolve into much more sophisticated devices. Such an evolution is already happening: technology is expanding our five senses!

A Grand Theory of Everything

The holy grail for theoretical physicists is to unify the four fundamental forces of nature into a theory of everything. They have managed to connect 3 of the 4, the weak, strong and electromagnetism, but the 4th – gravity – remains an elusive soul. The big stumbling block is the unification of Einstein’s theory of relativity with quantum mechanics: the infamous quantum gravity. The very small unified with the very large causes havoc in the mathematical equations that govern the theories. Until now…

China sends QUESS satellite to space, with the mission to make quantum entanglement the ultimate form of encrypted communication. How, I hear you ask?

Not so many years ago, physicists were looking for the elusive Higgs Boson, a particle needed to make their grand unification theory of the four forces of nature possible. Gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and the weak forces govern our universe. These forces govern the very tiny parts inside atoms to the celestial bodies resulting in general relativity. In 2012 Cern discovered Higgs with a bitter aftertaste: its mass was far too small to be explained.

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This week 100TB is obsessed with robots and what they can do! Ranging from biscuit-dunking robotic arms to autonomous robots on Mars, we hope you enjoy!

This week 100TB has a special little engineering treat for all you Star Wars fans. And that’s not all: DeepMind AI learns how to run the household whilst Pokémon really is on the Go.

What if the universe we live in does not gravitate towards perfectly aligned, ordered structure? What if there is order within the madness, blossoming through a balance of randomness and regularity at the same time? Who says the universe is boring?