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As digital beings, our appetite for consuming energy is ever increasing. With nuclear energy constantly on the rise we are setting ourselves up for increased dangers from radiation and putting further strain and strain on our planet. But there is hope on the horizon: the inverse of nuclear fission, nuclear fusion. You may be asking what else is new? Enter the Z Machine! It just might be the answer to revolutionizing the way we create energy forever.

Crystals are composed of repeating patterns that are the same in certain directions but different in others. This opposes the universal laws of physics, which are the same in all directions. Yet somehow, crystals are still governed by the universal laws. This phenomenon is known as symmetry breaking, which is caused by the removal of energy. Crystals are formations of systems in their state of lowest energy: the ground state.

Graphene, the one atom layer thick material is not only the thinnest material we know but is also the lightest. It is a superb heat conductor and the best electricity conductor known to modern man. And to top it all off, it is highly flexible. The breakthrough news from Tsinghua University reads like this: graphene has been fed to silkworm larvae to create “mechanically enhanced silk”. A super material is then turned from silk into a bionic fabric.

If you haven’t read the book “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions” by a Square, you have missed out on a geometric fantasy. Here, in Flatland, a world of two dimensions, men are polygons and women are lines. When one day the art of painting is discovered and what it does to the notion of fixed shapes, social boundaries were being pushed. The narrator then goes on a journey to line land, a one dimensional world and then one day gets visited by a sphere in his Flatland home. The sphere allows the square to visit three dimensional space where he experiences depth for the first time… The realization of multi dimensionality was born.

Artificial Intelligence: like with all things powerful and unprecedented, we are mesmerized by its abilities, promise and vision of the future. However, we forget that even though AI is developed to help us reach heights we can’t reach on our own, we need to keep an eye on its path. AI can only be as neutral or positive as its creators, and let’s face it, most of us are not 100% objective all of the time. So what does that mean for AI?

What’s been going on at NASA, Space X and quantum teleportation labs around the world? Will alien life be announced soon? Find out here, and now!

Our lives are almost unthinkable without technology. We have integrated chips, processors and all that comes with it into our lives. How many of us still do mental arithmetic? And now, the rise of artificial intelligence is opening the doors to extreme learning, medical advances and perhaps even immortality (yes, I am thinking of ETER9). So what happens when we try to fuse a human aspect with technology, in one case quite literally?

Science fiction and science fact come together in a quest to discover the infinite truth. But how do we separate perception from reality? Is reality defined through perception? We’ve all seen and loved the Matrix Trilogy, for  example, where human beings live in a highly complex computer simulation of a limited reality based on limited rules. Neo awakens to the truth: a life beyond the simulation where he is then trained to bend and alter the rules within the framework.