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In the beginning, there was YouTube. And it was good. So good, in fact, that an entire industry has developed around streaming video services. Over the top video content (OTT) is one of the world’s fastest-growing consumer markets; industry leader Netflix is now available in almost 200 countries, while arch-rival Hulu recorded 30% growth last year.

Everything that happens online leaves an electronic trail. Therefore every consumer action can be monitored. This is one of the biggest differentiators between Over-The-Top advertising on digital platforms and traditional media such as newspapers or cable TV. OTT advertising generates a wealth of data on how people respond to an advert and whether they engage with any call to action. Even negative data can be beneficial in terms of understanding brand perceptions or planning future promotional campaigns.

As OTT disrupts the way we view programs, advertisers need to establish a whole new way of reaching those coveted potential consumers. So how is success now measured? Find out here the top 5 ways to measure OTT success.

There are many things to love about the Christmas season. For some, it’s the only period in the year where company email accounts can be ignored with a clear conscience. For others, it offers the promise of quality family time, free from workplace interruptions. Yet for many people, the festive period provides a golden opportunity to finally catch up with the on-demand content they’ve heard colleagues discussing around the water cooler.

Live streaming has become one of the 21st century’s most disruptive forces. The long-established oligopoly of television broadcasters has been smashed by a cloud-hosted IP-powered service whose on-demand delivery more accurately caters for modern lifestyles. In an age of two-income households and endless time pressures, it’s more convenient to watch programs at a time that suits you than building each evening around scheduled broadcasts.

Video streaming is one of the 21st century’s greatest growth industries, but it’s becoming harder to impress an increasingly discerning global audience that has so much content to choose from. To help new entrants succeed in this maturing marketplace, we have compiled a list of ten golden rules every new streaming service should follow – along with practical advice on how to meet these objectives…

To the uninitiated, protocols can seem strange and mysterious. Originally referring to official procedures surrounding diplomatic activities, IT professionals have adopted the word ‘protocol’ to describe the rules governing information transmission across a communications system. Whenever you log onto a website, stream a movie or send an email, protocols are governing the dispatch and receipt of every byte of information.

If you’re one of the B2Bs that hasn’t tried online video marketing, the question is why not? Is it the expense? The time? Or the feeling that it’s not appropriate to your line of work?