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Christmas can be a mixed blessing for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s the only time of year that most people will fully switch off from work pressures, as new inquiries slow and trading levels dwindle. On the other hand, some aspects of modern businesses will still require maintenance and support. It’s especially important to remain active on social media when other inbound inquiry routes are closed, and to launch ecommerce advertising campaigns on Boxing Day ahead of competitors.

Over-the-top (OTT) content is a tasty little term which is buzzing in all the big brand circles right now. It’s all about how video and film content is transmitted over the internet without the need for users to subscribe to traditional methods of watching them, such as cable, satellite or paid-for TV. It’s the sexy new stream of content which can reach far more viewers, live outside traditional ecosystems and brings some interesting new ideas to the digital mix.

Business-to-business relationships are being expanded in living color.

‘Businesses are people too’ is an old saying in the marketing industry, one reason why the digital tools that are already widely used in the business to consumer space are being increasingly exploited by business to business (B2B) companies selling applications and services to other businesses.

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More B2B companies are adopting techniques such as live chat and social media based customer relationship management (CRM) to smooth their ecommerce activity. But one of the biggest areas for growth comes from the creation and distribution of video – including promotional films, customer case studies and presentations – to help B2B marketers communicate their messages.

YouTube may be a great way to watch new music videos or pass an idle ten minutes at work, but it also provides some surprisingly valuable marketing lessons.