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When running a webserver your log files can rapidly fill with information about the visitors to your site, Webalizer can help.

Your webserver’s log files can be a mine of useful information with regards to the users visiting your website. Unfortunately, reading this information from the logs isn’t the simplest of tasks. To make this resource more useful there are tools available that look through the log files and generate statistics from them. Webalizer is one of these tools: it runs at regular intervals and creates statistics from your website logs as well as charts of usage. It is free and open source, being licensed under the GNU GPL.

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One of the more important tasks when managing a dedicated or virtual private server is to be aware of what it is doing and how it is performing. A poorly performing or overloaded server isn’t just a problem for you, it can mean frustration for your users, and potentially lost revenue from any ecommerce sites this may affect. In previous articles, I’ve covered how you can use top and htop to monitor your system processes, CPU usage and RAM usage. These tools don’t provide a lot of help when you have issues with network throughput though, which is where iftop comes in handy.