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Choosing An IoT Development Platform

Choosing an Internet of Things (IoT) platform comprises a combination of research, planning, and the need to understand complex situations.…

Ten Ways To Combat Latency

If your business relies on the rapid distribution of online content to customers, it’s imperative to try and combat latency…

There are a great many tools available to use for monitoring your server’s system resources. There’s no definitive “better than the rest” option, and different tools bring different features to the table that make them worthy of consideration. To this table, we bring rtop.

You can’t remember everything. When it comes to configuring and managing a Linux server there is an awful lot to remember. We’ve probably all had the experience of being in the middle of something at the command line and then forgetting the exact sequence of flags or commands to achieve what we want. Sometimes a man page’s wall of text of can be slower to comprehend than finding your answer in someone else’s guide. When this happens, only a quick trip to a search engine window can help.

Time is important. A large part of our lives revolves around our use of it . A key to time management is ensuring that when we talk about times with other people, we are all using the same one.

Google has gained quite a reputation over the years for producing a range of innovative and interesting projects. Some of these have gone on to be adopted and marketed by Google themselves and others that have branched off to be their own corporations. 

This innovation has been fuelled by Google’s 20% time initiative where alongside their normal work, engineers have been permitted to work on their own personal projects for 20% of their working week. One project, more than others, has come from Google innovations. The one that has had a reasonable impact in the world of the development: The Go programming language.

One of the most common forms of attack that your server could come under is a brute force attack. These attacks are commonly used against software where there are no other known or easily used exploits available to gain access. It is a long winded and slow method to compromise a server. They tend to be performed by an automated attacking script; here’s how.