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It’s no accident that gaming has become a billion dollar industry. As human beings, there is something innately compelling about games that allow us to travel to different worlds and immerse ourselves in a new digital reality. We can fight intergalactic wars, play as our favorite football players and explore vast worlds. When you pick up an RPG, it can be immensely satisfying to sink time into fleshing out your character, just as it can be satisfying to hold off your enemy under hails of gunfire in an online multiplayer. But how do game developers keep us hooked?

The answer to this question is: when it’s 2017. No, it’s not a joke, these days you no longer need anything as complicated or as cool as a PS4 to get in on the PlayStation world. You might wonder why Sony, the wizard behind PS4’s curtain, has allowed its exclusive content to fall into the hands of anyone with fiber optic and twitchy fingers and well, the jury’s still out. But a little bit of speculation, a closed beta test and the rumor mill, can confirm that this is soon to be the case.

In our childhoods, we fantasized about being paid to play the games we love. Today gaming is a very serious business, meaning that such dream can be a reality for the truly hard working and talented gamers. According to Forbes, “esports has exploded worldwide, and with it, there’s an entire class of 15-30 year olds who now play games for a living.” So what exactly does it mean to be a pro-gamer?

There’s a not too distant future where gaming looks totally different. This near future will allow you to transpose yourself into games, immerse yourself and become a part of them.

Given the centrality of online multiplayer to the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre and the general modern gaming experience, it is paramount for connection-based latency to be at an absolute minimum. But how do you keep latency from getting you down?

Nintendo Switch, the newest console released by Nintendo, was launched officially Friday, March 3, 2017. Launch included 31 European territories, South Africa, the US, Canada, and Japan. Nintendo Switch was originally codenamed as Nintendo NX, and was first revealed in March 2015. Nintendo claims Switch is designed to provide users with more time to play the games they love, by designing a transformable console from home console to portable system in a snap. Sales have been successful in the month since release; Nintendo stocks are on the rise and inventory levels of the Switch are low. But are all users as happy as the numbers claim them to be? And is the Switch worth the investment in these early stages of the game? Find out here.

There’s no doubt that the principles of streaming have revolutionized modern entertainment. No longer is it necessary to wait patiently for an appointed hour to watch a particular program; no longer are games passive experiences played offline in isolation. Cloud-hosting pioneers like Netflix and Steam have introduced streaming into modern media consumption, and our lives are undoubtedly richer for it.

How is it possible to maintain game development at break neck speed? The answer lies in ultimate flexibility. Find out how to keep your game development in shape!