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There’s no doubt that the principles of streaming have revolutionized modern entertainment. No longer is it necessary to wait patiently for an appointed hour to watch a particular program; no longer are games passive experiences played offline in isolation. Cloud-hosting pioneers like Netflix and Steam have introduced streaming into modern media consumption, and our lives are undoubtedly richer for it.

How is it possible to maintain game development at break neck speed? The answer lies in ultimate flexibility. Find out how to keep your game development in shape!

Professional gaming team Digital Chaos has claimed its maiden tournament victory this weekend after winning the gruelling ESL One series in Genting, Malaysia.

As we head into the biggest month in retail, game companies are hoping to finish 2016 strong and are leaning on four main trends to bring in the big bucks. In this article, we dig into the biggest buying trends we’ll see in stores.
12 million concurrent gamers on Steam.
Over 24 hours of Playstation Network downtime.
34,000 hacked Steam accounts.

That’s just a few of the headlines from last year’s holiday game rush. We’re four weeks away from Christmas. Are you ready for the battle against holiday shoppers? With the increased traffic, security concerns and high customer expectations, the holiday period is a stressful time for you and your servers. So how can you prepare?

Containers were made for gaming. They reduce system overhead, have faster deploy times and empower your development teams to think less about deployment and more about the content they are deploying. It’s no surprise many AAA game developers, like League of Legends’ Riot Games are starting to incorporate them into their devops stack.

Server performance and guaranteed uptime is crucial to game development and adoption. But stability can also come with a tradeoff of reduced innovation and high maintenance costs. Is there a solution for this constant balancing act that CTOs face?

In today’s congested marketplace, launching a new online game presents a series of challenges. It needs to be professionally programmed, be original concept or offer something new and be marketed effectively. Choosing a dependable hosting platform will ensure the game can be accessed without interruptions or downtime to keeping people coming back for more. Find out how in the instructions below: