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Variety is the spice of life. That statement rings true in the real life as well as our virtual endeavours. So why spend thousands on a top-of-the-range gaming unit, hours setting it up only to be shackled in by the pre-prescribed server offered out the box when you buy a game?

The point of gaming is to break out the box, to escape reality and indulge your wildest imaginations.

You wouldn’t. We don’t blame you. The point of gaming is to break out of the box, to escape reality and indulge your wildest imaginations. Don’t be shackled by an out-the-box game server.

Some people claim augmented reality could change the way we view the world. But what is it, how does it work, and is it really worth getting excited about?

As a consumer, video games are a fantastic investment. Considering how much  use a good game and a good console or computer will get, the monetary outlay is more than justified. At about $50 a time, games are expensive as an individual cost. But consider t 30-40+ hours sunk into a blockbuster game with an expansive story. That actually works out at roughly $1 per hour of enjoyment. When framed this way gaming seems extremely good value for money.

The ability to stream in high definition over the internet has affected the world in many ways. It has brought us the ability to watch live sports from our smartphones, it means we can communicate with friends and relatives across the globe and it has given us the ability to sit in our armchairs with controller in hand and play tactical warm games halfway across the globe. The socialization of gaming is one of the biggest industries to come out of the internet. Just consider for a moment blockbuster games have, for nearly a decade, made comfortably more money than any equivalent movie release.