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 Perhaps the most important decision you’ll ever need to make when setting up an online business is which online payment system you should choose. Your business is designed to make a profit, and without the ability to accept payments via a digital payment gateway, you’ll have a difficult time making money. 

Coming to a life near you. How will predictive commerce change us forever, like it or not? 

We’ve never loved ‘know-it-alls’ but in no time at all we might all be living with one.

Shopping, nagging and tech will combine to create a behemoth. Ha! Predictive commerce might well rule us. Just imagine a house with a device barking out the orders: ‘ Hey we’ve run out of cereal/ toilet rolls, milk.’ ‘By the way toilet paper is on special offer at Lidl or Walmart. Want to get an order together ready for you to grab?’ ‘Don’t forget your partner’s birthday shall we order flowers? I’ve found some special white roses on special offer’ What else is there to say but, ‘yes’? I would imagine it would be a very meek ‘yes’ too.