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True digital transformation is about more than implementing exciting, innovative new technologies. It’s about fundamentally changing the way you do business to put your organization in a position to take full advantage of those technologies. Get inspired and learn to implement real digital transformation to your business now!

Most organizations know that an effective digital transformation strategy is vital to their future success. A recent survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and Genpact found seven out of ten businesses place an extremely high emphasis on using digital technologies to improve processes. Yet around half of organizations are failing to realize the expected returns on their digital investments. While many talk the talk, not enough seem able to walk the walk. But why? Below, we outline the seven most common mistakes firms make with a digital transformation strategy.

When the Word Wide Web first burst into public consciousness in the 1990s, it was often likened to the Wild West – a new frontier where there were (as yet) no rules and everything was up for grabs. A quarter of a century later, as organizations grapple with the brave new world of digital transformation, the Wild West is once again proving a useful analogy, only this time as a model for ensuring you can maximize your chances of sharing in the spoils of any digital gold rush.

The public sector must stop paying lip service to digital transformation and start doing it properly. According to a recent report from Brunel University (Digital Government: overcoming the systemic failure of transformation), while there are undoubtedly pockets of digital excellence across the sector, many local councils and other public bodies are trying to pass off front-end changes – such as web-enabling transactions or introducing smartphone apps – as ‘transformational’. In fact, they typically ignore the real need for fundamental reform to underlying processes.

From real-time cat meow translators to remote controls for dogs, the pet product industry’s take on the Internet of Things is delivering some of the wackiest wearables yet devised…

Organizations that fail to embrace a digital transformation strategy fully will find it hard to develop new ventures to attract the best people or target new markets. Yet while the vast majority of employees actively want to use digital tools and services, many IT departments feel they are failing to make adequate progress because of the complexity of their current systems and a lack of available skills.

Rise Of The Chatbots

Back in March, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella used the company’s Build developer conference to unveil his vision of artificially intelligent chatbots revolutionizing the way we interact with computers, a concept he’s terming (rather uninspiringly, perhaps) “conversations as a platform”. He also launched the Microsoft Bot Framework, a developer’s toolkit that simplifies the creation of such chatbots.

The $24 billion takeover of Cambridge-based British chip designer ARM by Japan’s SoftBank last month seems to have polarized commentators. The Chancellor Philip Hammond was quick off the mark, tweeting that the deal was a “big vote of confidence in British business” which showed the country had “lost none of its allure to international investors”.