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One of the biggest barriers to public cloud adoption has always been the danger of vendor lock-in. Seasoned IT professionals who’ve witnessed IT industry practices across successive generations of technology are all too aware of the trap. A vendor reels you in with bold promises of increased efficiency, agility and convenience, but once you’ve made considerable investments in its platform, technology stack or ecosystem you may well wake up one day and realize you’re locked in. What can be done to prevent this?

Digital transformation has become the catchall buzz phrase. Articles are simply shared on social media and do the rounds because that’s what you do. But what does digital transformation really mean to companies and individuals? Does anyone know?

Portugal seems to sneak under the radar most of the time. It rarely features in international news except as being the good economic student paying back its debts to the EU. But don’t let that fool you. The Portuguese have always been spirited adventurers and so the new world that is digital was always an inevitable draw.

For a growing number of brands, digital transformation is the gift that keeps giving. From product personalization to virtual reality experiences, connected appliances to social discounting, brands are experimenting with all manner of digital innovations to boost custom and consumer awareness this Christmas. Here are some that brought a twinkle to our tech-loving eyes…

Fast forward fifteen years or so, and – if you believe the experts and analysts – digital technology will have transformed the business landscape. Find out how? Here’s our view of the future of digital transformation.

Organizations are constantly being told they must have an effective digital transformation strategy to survive. For many established companies, this realization marks the beginning of a long, expensive and difficult journey to fundamentally change the way they do business.Do you need help?

Clouds are nebulous masses of vapor that are forever changing shape. At least, the ones in the sky can be defined in this way. Talk to some non-technical business managers, however, and you find they have a similar conception regarding clouds of the computing variety. Let’s take a closer look at their digital counterparts.

A life without mobile devices is utterly unthinkable. 24/7 access to the online world has become the norm and we love it. Wherever we are, mobile domination is evident. So how did we get here? And is everyone up to speed?