Catch Up On 2016 With 100TB’s Best Tech White Papers Of The Year

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As winter takes hold the desire to shut the doors and stay inside is quite strong. This is the time of year where we catch up with a little reading and start planning for 2017. So, we’re offering you 5 of the very best white papers 100TB has produced in the past few months.

So snuggle up, pour something warming, find a little something to nibble and discover just what you’ve missed while you’ve been too busy to breathe, let alone read.

#1. Building An OTT Platform For The Future

We all love the concept of ‘over the top’ whether that’s cupcakes or tv screens. Consumer habits and expectations have shifted and will continue to shift. One minute you are a darling in the spotlight, next minute the cameras are elsewhere and you are ‘a goner’, left behind in the darkness. Being flexible and agile and being of the now is essential.

Just Think How Quickly Our Viewing Habits Have Changed.

OTT or over-the-top content is what everyone wants. They want the most exciting, the newest, the most original and they’ll have it right now, please. So, any internet-based content delivery platform that bypasses conventional cable, satellite or terrestrial TV services, has totally disrupted television watching. When these providers can command massive audiences for shows like Game of Thrones, The Grand Tour, Orange is the New Black, Transparent and Mad Dogs we know the behavior shift is complete.

But That’s Not The End Of The Story.

On-demand will continue to grow, as it’s a popular concept. Consumers know their needs can be met and the expectation is they should be. Patience is at an all-time low. If you can’t provide what people want, when they want it, consumers simply switch channels. The other bad news is they are unlikely to return if you’ve frustrated them first time around.

Already the OTT industry is congested. A couple of brands have emerged as undisputed market leaders. But do not despair, a new entrant to the market can achieve success. What is needed is sufficient infrastructure investment to minimize any possibility of content buffering mid-stream. You can see how it might be achieved in 3 simple steps. If you’re curious then learn how to build an OTT platform for the future.

#2. Milliseconds, Minimum Patience And Maximum Expectations

Talking of ‘now’ we drill into the millisecond in this white paper. Latency for games is like kryptonite for Superman. If you want to destroy the power and passion for gamers, latency will do that quickly and effectively, which is tad ironic we guess.

To prove just how impatient gamers have become, check out these stats:

  • 500 additional milliseconds network delay will make gamers twice as likely to abandon your game. Patience is no longer a virtue
  • 87% abandonment rate is put down to a 2-second delay during a transaction. Consider the effect on your business.
  • If a video doesn’t start immediately then 81% of users will abandon. Can you see the pattern developing here?
  • A 500-millisecond slowdown will cause Google’s traffic to drop by 25%. Think of the effect

So latency matters and this white paper ‘Inside the Millisecond’ shows just how you can make a difference and importantly, how to keep your clients happy. Remember on demand means just that. If your game suffers from lag, time jumps, slow loading, failed downloads or buffering video you need to fix these super pronto. It’s a no-brainer.

#3. ‘On Demand’ Must Be The 2016 Phrase Of The Year

Video On Demand or VOD has quickly become part of the entertainment landscape. Behaviors seamlessly changed to suit lifestyle, it almost happened overnight. Youngsters are most likely to watch through different devices than a traditional TV screen.

Thinkbox Research

Rarely will people sit down en masse to watch television these days. They expect an egocentric approach to media consumption. VOD is instantly accessible whenever consumers want to consume. The VOD market has different components:

  •      Pay per view
  •      Video downloads
  •      Media Streaming

And globally it’s worth about just over $16 billion, much bigger than digital music. Perhaps it won’t be a surprise that most consumers are under the age of 34 and the user group 16-34 accounts for 64.5 million users. Netflix aficionados actually watched 10 billion hours of television and stream 42.5 billion hours every month. Don’t mess with them!

Source Goldman Sachs

Therefore, we can see that harnessing digital trends to capture and convert new audiences is vital in the new VOD landscape.


So if you are fascinated about this disruption and really, you should be, it’s worth exploring our A-Z of VOD. Discover everything from Autoplay and bandwidth to YouTube and Zero scheduling. Go on, you know your life will be enhanced by the experience! Even better it’s all written and waiting to land in your inbox right now.

#4. High-Performance Video Streaming

If you’ve read this far then you’ll realize that high-performance video streaming is not a nice to have but a must have. In fact, there are four primary objectives you will need:

  •      Agility
  •      Resiliency
  •      Mobility
  •      Performance

You certainly need flexibility in the cloud. That will ensure that it can cope with the unpredictable demand for your service. All spikes in demand have to be catered for while less popular periods shouldn’t cost you in infrastructure if you get your provider right.

As with all B2C operations, the customer experience should be at the heart of your business, and your video streaming customers will be seeking a reliable service on demand. Hosting and serving your content from high-performance on-demand cloud infrastructure will ensure your customers have the best experience possible. Performance is key and if you want to know just how to provide high-performance video streaming always then check out this white paper.

#5. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Startup Success.

If the thought of going back to work in the new year is causing you grief then it might just be time to consider becoming an entrepreneur. It’s never been easier to bring a product or service to market. So if you are a budding entrepreneur then the time really is now.

Despite anything that’s going on in the government, it seems investment figures for startups keep rising. Investors of all times are looking for the next big disruption. The entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t been this fashionable since the coming of the railways.

If you’ve ever had a startup idea, then kick start it with the help of our white paper. We cover the basics you need to get the ball rolling:

  • Plan for success in 2017
  • Research the market and finding product/market fit
  • Keep your numbers in check
  • Legalities don’t need to stop you in your tracks
  • Technology that will streamline your processes and help your business work harder.

So that’s your reading matter sorted out. Now it’s time to be profitable and disruptive in 2017. See you on the other side.

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